“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.”  -William Cullen Bryant, Poet
Harper’s Bazaar August 2012
It’s a nice thought….that autumn is the year’s last loveliest
smile.   Doesn’t it stand to reason then,
that we should dress in such a way for the season which makes us a part of those
last loveliest smiles!
Burnt Orange Sweater: Goodwill, Highway 410 and Blanco
Merlot Bag and Military Flats: Gooddwill Highway 281 and Bitters
Oh Pam, it’s summer…heat, sun, beaches, flip flops, bikinis,
sand, and fun…don’t talk to us about fall! 
Well, if you can set summer aside for just a brief moment, then you
might save some serious dollars and be more than prepared when the first cool
breezes blow. 
In late June, when I visited the local GOODWILL locations, I
noticed everyone was mostly looking for summer items…things to wear right
now.  I also noticed that when they
called out a color for the 99 cent specials, those were predominately on out of
season items.  That was when I started to
pay closer attention to colder weather wear!
 Needless to say, I am
now ready for the seasonal change and spent very little on some beautiful
quality pieces. Specifically, I walked out with three formerly expensive
jackets; a long draped cardigan; two pair of fall flats; a perfect menswear
inspired scarf; and a beautiful merlot oversized bag…all for $25!   Because
most people do not want to think about fall as yet, you can get some designer
wear that has gone under everyone else’s radar. 
I always keep in mind the season’s trends and colors and make sure I am
enhancing my wardrobe.  Also, I save up
dry cleaning coupons for moments like this!
This silk pinstriped jacket has perfect seaming for a flattering fit
and appears to be brand new!
You might be surprised at what you can find at GOODWILL… and
at the compliments you get when Fall comes knocking!
Now, have a wonderful Monday everyone…and make sure to visit
the other bloggers over at Patti’s VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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