Knits Work Anytime of Year!

Well, I did not last long with my plans not to shop!  The JULY sales and birthday coupons from
every retailer I know were just too tempting….with huge expiration dates
stamped on the fronts.  My 59th
birthday is later in the week…but more about that “later in the week!”
Among other places, I went into Coldwater Creek last week in
search of a khaki-colored, cotton skirt! 
I was very disappointed in Coldwater Creek for the most part…everything
I picked up had something wrong with the styling or was just plain frumpy.  The prints and some of the designs
were very disappointing.  Most of the items I tried on did not flatter my figure or give me that fabulous, youthful feeling!!
Then, as I was about to leave I found these great knit
skirts!  If you follow me, you know I am
in love with knit lately.  I bought two
of them…one in navy and one in brown. (I made myself walk away from green)  They are light weight…perfect for summer and
I think will look great with tights in the winter and very much on sale.  I found the little knit jacket at Marshall’s.
Yes, I bought other items… I will share with you later.  For now, I continue to be crazy about knits!
Has anyone else had luck with the July sales??  Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!!
Madeleine says hello!!


  1. Just when I set a self-imposed shopping ban, I see this post :p.

    Love the swingy knit skirts – much better than khaki 🙂 you look beautiful and much younger than your stated age.

  2. I picked up some nice no-iron shirts for 50% off at Brooks Brothers last week, and a pair of caramel NYDJ pants at the Nordstrom's sale. Other than that, I'm mostly keeping my powder dry for fall. Love your knits, and yes, they have style, drape and comfort that's always welcome. I wear at least one knit piece every day. Your skirt looks fab and like it would have nice movement when you walk or twirl!

  3. I've been too busy with the grandsons and grading that I haven't made it to any sales, but I'm in agreement about knits and I like the swingy cut of these skirts.

  4. I've noticed that lately about Coldwater Creek as well. I did find a few things last time I stopped in but it took quite a search.

  5. I like those skirts! I need some new basics for fall, myself, but I canNOT bring myself to do it now. I know it's foolish, but I am deeply, DEEPLY neurotic in this way. It ain't gonna change. So pleased that you did well, though!

  6. Maybe I'm just weird, but I find knits too hot. I love the way they drape, but I have to stick with naturals like cotton/silk/linen, especially in the heat of the summer.

  7. I've had some wonderful July sales finds (but they're winter items) and am now determined to stay away from the shops … Spring beckons quietly from the frosty morning shadows.

    Hello Madeleine .. what a pretty girl you are 🙂

  8. Hello Madeleine! I bought a couple of jersey knit maxi skirts from J Crew when I was in NY earlier this year. Just waiting for the rain to stop so that I can wear them.

  9. Sometimes I think it's extremely difficult to wear prints, and easy (as well as classic) to go with solids and a few accessories. Hard to go wrong really!

    I had amazing luck with July sales, by the way, at the beginning of the month. A fabulous pair of shoes for (drum roll please)… $7.48! (And comfy, and cute!)

    Don't you love when that happens?

  10. The skirts are so pretty. Very youthful, swingy and versatile. You always look great in your outfit posts, but in this post, this outfit you look radiant.

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