How I Got Him to Shop!

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Shopping is a woman thing. 
It’s a contact sport like football. 
Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being
trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase.  ~Erma Bombeck

As far as my husband is concerned, Erma got it right….shopping
is to women as athletics are to men!  He
would much rather be competing in the heat than shopping in a mall.  But, I do want to clarify that all men are
not the same, I know that.  I have one
son in his twenties that loathes shopping and one son in his twenties who loves
Mr. B began his trek toward better health earlier than
I and he is now reaping the results.  He
likes to run a hill at one of our local parks where you can look over the city
skyline from the top during the heat and the pounds have begun to melt away.  He has gone from a waist size 38 to 35 and
his clothes are really hanging on him. 
The shoulder seams heading down the arm are what caught my attention and
his sagging behind in his jeans.  But,
nevertheless, he did NOT want to go shopping!  He is very particular about fabrics, styles,
and he doesn’t like places such as Marshalls and Ross.  He put it off and postponed it until I….

       Told him about the fourth of July sales (50-70% off)
          Told him I would go with him
          Told him I would buy Starbucks and lunch!
          Told him we would park faraway and use it as a
way to get clicks on the pedometer!
           Finally, I kept telling him how much better he
was going to look in clothes that fit! 
An excellent saleslady also helped in this area…kept the compliments

Looking Good!!
Actually, once he got going…it was hard to make him stop. He
ended up with three shirts, one pair of Khakis, and four pair of shorts from Eddie Bauer.  He also got a great looking
pair of shoes at DSW.
Oh well, I might have created a monster!  How do the men in your life feel about
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Go figure…after 28 years of marriage he just now tells me he doesn’t like checks as
a print…he only likes stripes!  I guess I am not surprised that I like checks!! Sigh!


  1. The Mr. looks quite dashing in his new duds! And good for him for losing the weight. My DH shops in earnest every two years or so. He takes me along to Men's Wearhouse and it is usually a huge bill when we go–but he shops so seldom, its hard to fault him for the expense. He's only thrifted one item in his wardrobe–a waterproof winter jacket.

  2. My husband has to shop Big and Tall, so his options are limited. It's hard to find thrifted item as well. He shops with a specific item in mind and leaves when he doesn't find it. I'm definitely the opposite!! I like to browse, imagine how I could use things I see, compare prices in my mind, etc. But when they find things they like, it's a treat. I'm always happy to see Joey find multiple items he can use. Looks like you guys struck gold!

  3. I think he was a good sport! And I always think it is a bit of a fallacy that men don't shop… it's just a question of getting them there! Mine can put me to shame if he is in the mood!
    Fun post… xv

  4. It's always amusing to see men shopping… some adapt "to the wild" nicely; others, not so much!

    I nabbed a fabulous pair of shoes last weekend for $7.48!!! (You heard that right.) It was a fine moment, indeed.

  5. I had to laugh at your husband's expression in the dressing room. Very pained. Good for you for getting him out – that's a feat in itself. Love the bribery that ensued…

    And my husband says I watch TV like a woman too – check out many channels before I settle on the one I want – or flip to a second one while a commercial is on. That's how he views the way we shop – suverying the department before we hone in.

    there's some truth to that.

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