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Walking in the morning continues, but I have to admit, it is
not an easy task for me every day.  I
keep waiting for that moment to arrive when suddenly I love walking and
absolutely NOTHING could keep me from doing it every day.  But, alas, that moment has not arrived…yet!
So, how do I keep at it?? 
It is all about FOCUS!  Here are
some ways that I have adjusted my thinking to keep me walking:  
 I prefer to listen to the birds singing than to
listen to music when I walk in the mornings. 
The birds put on a great concert and make certain I listen closely.
When negative thoughts creep in, I begin to
meditate and pray about people and needs in my life.
    I make sure I speak to all of the fellow
journeymen….surprisingly enough, there are several faithful souls who walk and
run in the mornings on the same route I take.
    Look forward to certain markers along the way….I
look up at certain times because I know the rising sun will illuminate the
clouds; there is a large honeysuckle bush along the way and I anticipate the
sweet fragrances as I come upon it; as I walk two steep hills, I visualize the
great body shape I will one day have from the muscle toning.
    Finally, I play in the sprinklers.  You read it right….I PLAY IN THE
SPRINKLERS.  We are on a water- savings-
plan and some days the odd number houses water and other days the even.  So every day, someone has their sprinkler
system on early in the morning.  With
high humidity, the walks can become difficult…until I enjoy the
sprinklers!!  It keeps me going.
If you are finding a task difficult to do, then just
discover your own youthful way to PLAY IN THE SPRINKLERS!! 
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