I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the time is drawing
ever so closer to the beginning of another school year!  For me, it is just 12 days before I return to
full-time status!  With that in mind, I
would like to share with you one of my pet peeves.  I do this knowing I might upset some of you,
but I hope you will read my thoughts before clicking the CLOSE button.

Purple Knit Jacket by Target’s Merona, and leather merlot bag
both from GOODWILL on Hwy 281 @ Bitters Road
I really do not understand teachers who go to work looking
sad and pitiful.  Taking the time to fix
up is so important for teachers and there are just no excuses to keep you from
it!  I realize that if you do not care about your appearance that a deeper problem may be going on, but I want you to know I have been there.  One of the best first steps you can take, is to force yourself to start fixing up and gradually you will feel better about yourself!
First of all, in order to be heard and received from
students, you need to be at the top of your game.  Taking the time to fix up instills confidence
and joy in who you are and you will communicate those messages when
teaching.   It is just a fact that when
we are enthusiastic about our presentations and how we look presenting them, then students will be as well.
Navy Jacket has tiny dot print, found at GOODWILL on Hwy.410@Blanco
Also, like it or not, we are role models no matter what age
you teach.  We are modeling confidence,
joy and professionalism when we take the time to fashion a nice look for the
classroom.   They do notice.  They have taught me that they notice.  I have one young lady who loves to see what
scarf I will pull out next!  We should
never be commenting on what they choose to wear if we are not giving
consideration to what we wear.
This multi-colored jacket was purchased at Goodwill, Hwy 281 @ Blanco. If you are creative, Goodwill
is a great place to find high quality, unique garments!
The great news is, with places like GOODWILL, we can afford
to look our very best every day!  So,
here is what I recommend:
inventory of your closet. 
       Make a list of your separates to carry with you.
       Then go shopping at Goodwill for great jackets
to stretch this wardrobe.  Jackets give
you a professional touch.  Also, a great
fitted jacket will make you look so much slimmer and just pulls a look
      Remember this fall, the big colors will be navy,
burgundy, burnt orange, saffron yellow, slate greys, bright purples, deep browns and forest
       Do not leave Goodwill without checking the shoes, jewelry, and bags for completer pieces to your looks.
It is worth it, teachers or anyone other working women….you will just be amazed at what you
can do with only $25!!! 

 Now, please, for more ideas go visit the lovely ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE….and have a great one!

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