My dear friend Gigi has been out of town and, of course,
there is no better way to welcome her back than with lunch out and resale
shopping!!  We had so much fun…she found
five different tops from places like Talbots and Saks Fifth Ave. 
Though I like to carry my small vintage Louie Vuitton
occasionally, I was super excited to find this beautiful red B.Makowsky bag at
GARMENT EXCHANGE on Thousand Oaks.  After
I used some income from my own sales in the store, I walked out with this
amazing bag for just $40!!  It really is
beautiful and I did not own a red bag…much less such a gorgeous, quality red
bag!!  I just gave myself a birthday
Today I wore my Jennifer Lopez coral pants from KOHLS.  I purchased them last spring, but by the end
of the season they were just too tight and uncomfortable……YES, after walking
every day, they fit!!! BTW, I don’t buy something because someone’s name is on it…I buy for great fit, or its an item I want in my wardrobe, or it communicates the message I desire, or the price is right, or (most often) all of the above!!
Shopping…lunch….good friends…and pants that fit…WHO COULD
Have a terrific Tuesday!!   Does anyone else have a recent consignment shop success story??

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