I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  One great thing about birthdays is you hear
from so many people!!  Thank you to
everyone who sent birthday wishes.
Of course, my 86 year old mother called (even after she
supposedly denounced me as her daughter), and this was some of the conversation

Mother:  Happy
birthday, honey!  I remember sixty years
ago when the doctor…
Me:   What?!?! Sixty years ago!  Mother, I am 59!
Mother: What’s that??
Me (slow and louder): I AM FIFTY NINE!!
Mother (chuckling): Well, Ok, honey, whatever you want to
call it! It can be 59 or 60…but when the doctor brought to me my baby girl…
Me:  Mother!  It is 59!
Mother:  That’s OK…don’t
get upset…I’ll call it 59!!
At that point I gave up! 
But it is 59!  My husband and I
were discussing at my birthday meal how we really do not feel that old….we
really do feel younger!  That’s a good
thing…I hope we both continue to feel younger for a long time! 
The heat is on in Texas and I know many other places!  We also have an overabundance of bugs this
summer since there were no freezes last winter. 
You can be sure I will pray for freezes this winter!  Also heating up are the July sales….
I bought these fun rayon pants from Chico’s for $20!  They will be great for teaching this
fall.  The blouse was bought on a
clearance rack from BEALLS for $10 just after Christmas, and the jacket is another clearance item
from Chico’s last spring!  Shoes are AEROSOLES wedges from Ross!!(Very comfy to walk in)   The whole
look would be about $70 as I build a wardrobe of separates to stretch the
If anyone else out there is facing accusations that you are
lying about your age….then I feel your pain! 
Have an incredible Monday…..rejoice…and be very visible with the
bloggers over at  VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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