Storm Clouds Come and Go

At the beginning of this day, this post was going to be all
about how my lifestyle change toward good health was progressing!  But it has turned into much more….
Three years ago today, my husband experienced a layoff which
blindsided us.  The past three years have
had its ups and downs…it has made for an interesting journey where we
learned a lot.  But on this very day, he
has accepted a new position!  We give all
the glory to God!
However, a big part of this journey was learning to be
thankful for what we have today and not worry about tomorrow.  We know how quickly things can change.  So, today we are thankful for this new job
and we take nothing for granted!!
Top:  Simply Vera at Kohls
Pants and Purse: Talbots
Shoes: Goodwill
I am thankful that each morning now begins with walking and
a Greek Yogurt smoothie!!  I have lost
inches, but pound loss is going much slower and at times has been
discouraging.  The real test is going to
be in one month when I go back to work full time and I have to arrive at school
earlier in the morning.  For today, I am
thankful that I walked this morning ….drank my smoothie in my Starbuck’s cup,
and it was so good!!

What are you thankful for today??  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!


  1. Wonderful news Pam. Life has its ups and downs. It's all about how we handle them.


  2. I teared up when I read your post. So many have had job losses in the last few years. Your blog is one of the first I read. Your goodness seems to come through!!! I too, am on a journey to loose weight and to live a healthy life. It's very hard to walk when the temps are 100 some days!!!!!

  3. Congratulations, Pam, to you and your husband for hanging in there! This is my first visit to your blog. I've been recovering from hip replacement surgery in June, and I'm now beginning to get around more. I've begun a healthy lifestyle, especially in the food department. I also want to change my wardrobe to include more style and color. I don't even know what my style is! Love the pictures and that you shop everywhere (not just the high-end stores)and manage to put together really great outfits. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pam, I praise God with you for bringing you and your husband through this storm time. Your radiance in the pictures show joy and beauty. Thanks for sharing this personal time with us.

  5. Pam I am so happy for your family. I know you and husband will benefit from your lifestyle improvements. He's looking trim and fit and ready to be the best new employee ever.

  6. This is fantastic news! Tell your husband congratulations! I can see the worry lifted even in these photos.

    I have a little prayer I say at bedtime. It goes like this: Thank you for ALL the blessings in my life. And bring to mind whatever I take for granted tomorrow.

  7. So happy that your husband found a job! That is a good news!
    I am gratefull to have Mr. D in my life
    Leaving for Vegas tomorrow!

    Ariane sxxx

  8. Huge hugs and congratulations to your home on the new job. Wonderful news! And congratulations on the inches coming off. I can almost taste the sweetness of your smoothie. High fives!

  9. Pam – so true, the sun does come back out! Great news about your husband's job. And, great news about your lifestyle improvements. Rejoicing with you!

  10. I have been working on being grateful every day this summer. Life can change in an instant, which I learned about on September 11 and also the day my husband broke his neck, and when I feel like I'm getting depressed about anything, I try to remember all that I have to be grateful for. Congratulations to your husband and he is so lucky to have wonderful you in his life. XO, Jill

  11. yea on the job front!!!!
    i am thankful to be alive!
    are you talking about the yasso greek yogurt smoothies???
    i just discovered these at costco…so yum

  12. Pam, What am I thankful for today? For your husband's job and God's provision for you! I'm thankful too to be able to spend today with two of our grandchildren! SO fun!

  13. You are looking FABULOUS!!!!
    Praise the Lord for the awesome job news!!! My hubby and I have been there and we got news last week that he's now a permanent employee instead of a temp with a wonderful pay raise. July must be God's month for job provision!!

  14. You look SO lovely. You look joyful, radiant, and refreshed. CONGRATULATIONS on starting this new chapter with your husband's new job! That's so exciting!

    And now I need to hear about this Greek yogurt smoothie…

    (By the way…if you're walking a lot, you're probably toning muscles in your legs which is likely why the weight loss is slower, but as long as you're losing inches, rest assured you're losing fat and not muscle which is perfect!)

  15. YAY, Pam and Mr. B! I'm so happy for you…know it's been a struggle just waiting on God to provide that job. Hugs to you both!

  16. Pam, I was SO HAPPY to read this! Yay for your husband and his new job. As hard as it is to live through tough times, if you can make it work and be happy then, then you can be happy anywhere 🙂

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