Many of you know that since the beginning of 2012, I have
been working with our local GOODWILL
They give me a monthly stipend just to shop at their stores and blog about
what I find.  It has been so much fun to
work with them!  They asked me to join
them this past Saturday on one of the local morning news programs (KENS5 – The CBS
Affliate) to speak to teachers about how to save money and look great at
No, this isn’t ME!  I know it’s confusing…..  🙂
It was so much fun! 
We were the first segment right before the Salsa dancers and Captain
America…got to love local television!  I
wore an outfit composed mostly from Goodwill and took some of my treasures to
discuss.  Usually when I appear on
television, I ramp up my makeup just a bit and make sure that I wear a great
color…purple in this case.
Well, it was fun and I hope to get the opportunity to do
this again!  Thanks Goodwill!  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!  Does anyone have a great thrift find to share with us??

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