Was your weekend restful?? 
I hope so!   Last week on WHAT NOT TO WEAR, Clinton Kelly made a statement I want to discuss!  As usual, Clinton and Stacy were dealing with
someone who did not want their professional dress to be boring and
conservative, but erring on the side of dressing too young and indecisive had landed them on the
show.  Clinton said that when you do not
really know what your style is and you are wasting much money searching for it,
you should write down ten descriptions of who you are and then shop for
clothing which reflects those words.  He said
by doing this you will discover your style.
All Chico’s Travelers purchased at resale shops!
Many of you know, I did something similar several years ago
when I developed my own way to find my style called the FOUNDATIONAL FIVE
.  I wrote down five messages I wanted my style
to communicate and I look for clothing which sends out those five
messages.  Ten would have been too many
for me and kept me searching in the dark. 
But, I decided what I most wanted to communicate…. and I guess that would also line up with who I am.  I
tried to write down ten adjectives about me, and actually had a difficult time
doing that.  Maybe some of you could share a list of ten for the rest of us to see!
I actually wore the belt backwards.  I thought it looked good and picked up the
silver in the necklace and earrings to tie the outfit together!
But, whether you go with Clinton’s 10, or my five; I guess
what is most important is to have a plan. 
When I didn’t have a plan, I often looked a little crazy.  But, with a plan, I know what I am looking
for and what I want to achieve.  My FOUNDATIONAL FIVE allows me to be strong, professional, and creative all at the
same time!  I just ask myself when looking in the mirror, “Does this look send the message I want to send to others today?”
Shoes are from ROSS
My outfit for this post is all CHICOS, but the Chicos pieces were found at various
resale shops…except for the Chicos Jewelry which I bought at different times
on sale and with my Passport perks.  These CHICOS TRAVELERS pieces are perfect for work…comfortable
and no wrinkle…you just cannot mess them up.  When making style decisions, just remember:

I found this somewhere online.  It is not mine, but fits this topic

Have a great week…and make sure you visit the bloggers from VISIBLE MONDAY and WATCH WHAT I AM WEARING and TWO THIRTY FIVE DESIGNS and MONDAY MINGLE!!!  I have a lot of fun
posts planned for this week, so I hope you will return.  Later, y’all!



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