I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge fan of
Gilmore Girls;
 no show has better
dialogue as far as I am concerned.  So,
my husband was the one who told me about the new show on ABC’s Family Network
called BUNHEADS.  The show is written Amy
Sherman-Palladino of Gilmore Girls fame, and actually old faces from the
original show appear in BUNHEADS every now and then…like Kirk, one of my
favorite characters!
I found myself placing the show on my DVR list, not so much
for the plot of the show, but to see what Kelly Bishop would wear.  In Gilmore Girls, she was the wealthy,
socialite grandmother (Emily Gilmore) and in Bunheads, she is the Bohemian, flighty ballet teacher (Fanny Flowers). 
I really like Fanny Flowers comfortable, easy, yet creative style.
While I love the professional, classic dress as I modeled on Tuesday and have a need for those looks, I also love this easier, freer style like I am wearing today.  Fanny
gave me some great ideas for fall. 
Bunheads has completed its first season and is scheduled to return
during the winter.  But, for now, Flowers
character has provided plenty of inspiration to keep me thinking for awhile.
Red Dot Sale at Stein Mart: $7
Pink sweater: Chicos (on sale)
Brown cami: Vintage Chico’s
Knit skirt: Coldwater Creek ($17 summer sale)
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