See the Work of My Students Reporting Fashion Stories

This little video was produced by my students over the summer, so I thought I would share it with you.
We take our broadcast team out to do special projects to beef up their portfolios for college.  They run the camera, conduct the interviews, and edit the footage.
They enjoy attending some of these events and then have fun producing the videos!!

Hope you like it…have a wonderful Wednesday!!


    1. Hi Elaine, Journalism has been in my blood since I was in 8th grade…suffice it to say, a long time!! I have been teaching journalism for 13 years. I oversee a high school broadcast news team; a 32 page monthly news magazine; and a yearbook! One of my students interned at the Boston Globe this past summer…I live vicariously through all of them!!

  1. Wow…these are students?…What an excellent job…certainly reflective of your skillful direction and teaching…I enjoyed this and wish these talented young people the absolute best…THX for sharing…

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