Everywhere I have turned lately, red is being proclaimed as a major part of Fall 2012 fashion!  So, when I saw this catalog from 

I thought, well I do not have the super fun Chicos pants, but I can come close.  That led to this inspiration outfit.  I’ve learned not to get depressed if I cannot purchase the exact look, but to give styling something close to it a try!  

Now, go have a fun weekend!  And enjoy what’s left of summer!!  But, make sure and tell us what red you will be wearing this fall!!

Dana Buchman Bracelet from Kohls
Red denim:  Lane Bryant
White blouse: Foxcroft Collection
Black jacket:  Old Navy


  1. I discovered your blog several weeks ago through some sort of search. I must tell you how inspired you have made me. This afternoon I went into a thrift store and actually stopped and looked at the clothing! I have NEVER!!! I found several Chico's and other name brands and was shocked! I tried on two jackets but both were a bit to snug. I'm converted! Love your look! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the outfit. I don't know how I would look in red pants….like a large tomato? Still will have to get some red in my closet! Think a shirt would be nice.

  3. I just lost a bunch of weight and still losing…but I bought a pair of red crop pants (not Capris) and am so excited to wear them…I have to find a top to make it the best, tho!

  4. No red for fall for me. Not my color. But I did get a pair of coral denim crops from Chico's for my birthday and have worn them all summer. With a little ingenuity, I think I can style them for fall.

  5. I'm not that keen on patterned pants so I think your solid red is a better choice.

    You can easily re-style them with blue/white and go nautical in warmer months. Come Christmas you can get festive, as I've noticed teachers often do, with a holiday outfit.

    I've seen several bloggers with floral pants from a national retailer this summer and lovely as they are, they instantly say to me, those are those pants from Macy's or whatever retailer.

  6. Hurray for FALL! I couldn't resist the red. I saw it on the St. John runway and started to drool. I have ONE red top and that's it. So I invested in a red coat from Talbots. It is wool with a bit of alpaca which makes it so soft, I can't wait to wear it! 🙂

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