I have been running massive amounts of errands lately
because my time to return to full time work is drawing ever so near.  Something I love to do when shopping is to
strike up conversations with women I do not know.   It’s fun to ask what random strangers think
of an outfit or a garment.   We rarely plunge deeply into our lives….no
talk of what economic class we are in…what political beliefs we hold…what
professions we have…not even the differences in our ages.  For just a moment,
we are simply WOMEN connected through our love of fashion and our need to
connect with one another.  I have laughed
and fellowshiped with some amazing women…who some, so far, I haven’t seen since the encounter.
That is how blogging is to me.  We connect sometimes daily with women around
the world and share our love of style, fashion, beauty.  Every now and then we may go a little deeper,
but for the most part we do not broach any potential divisions only the connections.  I personally believe just by being women we
share much in common and can meet daily on equal grounds.  And there are women I have met through the blogs I am happy to call friends and would welcome an opportunity to spend time with them face to face. All of you are special!
I learned something a long time ago and I have tried to
internalize it…which really wasn’t easy when I was younger, but has become
easier with age… “Be Slow to Speak, Quick to Listen, and Slow to
Become Angry.”  I think it saved my
marriage several times!!
Have a Wonderful Tuesday and I Hope you Will Return Each day
as we Live and Grow Together!
FULL DISCLOSURE ON YESTERDAY’S HAT:  I am not ready to go “natural” and my hair
appointment is not until later this week! 
I kind of have a stripe down the middle of my head!  I applaud those who have the courage to be
all natural…you are truly inspiring!   As
of this moment, I enjoy my hair too much as it is and I am not ready to make a
change.    Someday, I know, I will join
those of you who are experiencing freedom right now!  Actually, my hair stylist is a friend and I
would miss her toooooo much!!

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