Progress Report On My New Healthy Lifestyle:
I ended summer walking every day and with my eating
under control, but I have to admit the last two days have been tough.  Upon entering my second week of teaching, the
work hours got much longer, more junk food was available, and fatigued, my  self- control hit a wall and shattered.
But, it has only been two days, so I plan to get back at it
on Wednesday.   During the end of summer, I faced all kinds of
obstacles with my walking. 
A coyote in the neighborhood…acting funny!

I was charged by two big bucks and a doe  (so sorry there is no video!)

My new very early morning hours have me walking in deep
darkness, and it is hard to see obstacles.

Finally, my feet and one knee began to throb with pain for days.  My husband, who has become an avid runner,
quietly said….YOU NEED NEW SHOES!  I am
someone who loves to shop and purchase new clothes…but not for exercising.  I do not get the point of having expensive
workout clothes…I would rather spend it on REAL clothes!  I confess I also felt that way about
shoes.  But, walking on concrete hills
quickly wore them down.
Mr. B sent me to the NEW BALANCE STORE.  There I entered a cloud of nostalgia where
shoe salespeople cared about waiting on you, measuring your feet, and bringing
you scores of shoes…as it was when I was young and SERVICE was important in
They placed me on a treadmill and watched me walk….put my
feet on an infrared gadget to see when I put the pressure the most when I walk…then
made recommendations based on my level of exercise.  It was great and I felt like I was walking on
a cloud!!  More than a difference…Mr. B
was right!  Service is still the best asset in retail!   I was actually informed that I would need new
shoes every six to eight months and they showed me how to tell when the shoe
was breaking down.
For now, no more knee pain and my feet feel much better….tomorrow,
I am  on the ROAD again with a few
regrets for eating those cookies and one piece of pizza…oh, yes, and the
breakfast taco!


Thank you, NEW BALANCE!!

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