Scores from the Summer Sales

Our second week of school is well underway and I am
exhausted!!  But, excited to be wearing
some of my purchases from the summer sales (I love so much!)
Gigi is back to being my photographer and we are sneaking
outfit shots when we can up against the grey wall in my room!  It gives us a chance to giggle and think of
something other than teenagers for a few moments every day!
I literally happened upon TALBOTS one day this summer when
they had their sale items on 70 per cent off…just for that day!  I didn’t know about it in advance, but what a
wonderful surprise.  I walked out with
six pieces for $150!  So far, my husband
has liked all of them and wants me to be a loyal Talbots shopper.  He prefers the classic styling of Talbots to
the, let’s say, more creative styling of CHICOS.   I find myself in both places!
This skirt was one of the six pieces.  I am wearing it today with a Chico’s blouse I
found online and on sale for $13.  The
Tahari navy blue cardigan is from MARSHALLS and I purchased it there over the
summer for $17.  Many of you have seen
the necklace before.  It is one of my
favorites created by local jewelry designer, Deborah Long-Shirley. 

Summer sales give me a way to go back to school with some
fun, new pieces.  Now I must get down to

Have a fabulous Tuesday all!!


  1. Mrs. Lutrell I love that skirt and that necklace!!!

    Also, I desperately miss your journalism class!

    You need to teach me how to blog so diligently.

    See you soon! 🙂

  2. I've actually thrifted quite a lot of Talbots clothing. It says something when it still looks good on a thrift rack. I have a few pieces of chicos items too. It's a beautiful skirt and so is the necklace.

  3. Wonderful necklace – and wow, you did some great sale shopping, Pam. I think you are a good mix between the Chico's creativity and Talbots classics, too. xoxoxoxox

  4. You look wonderful! I couldn't tell you when the last time was I wore a skirt but I love yours with the top and cardi you've gave me food for thought,thanks.

  5. Glad your photographer is back!

    I've been imagining your husband consenting to stick his head out the upstairs window and snap a shot of you all summer. It's nice to have you back at ground level again.

  6. You look just fab in this outfit. I just saw an article that said florals with darker backgrounds are still big for fall and winter. Yay! You are such a wonderful inspiration for your students.
    I still love Chico's best of all stores. I could easily spend $1000 every time I go there. I try not to go so much now, but the pull of the store is still there. The Chico's store is about 100 feet from the Talbot's store and that one is a a pull too. Unfortunately, their plus section has a limited selection of merchandise. I still like it, but not as much as Chico's.

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