Summer Is Over!

I am officially ready for my first day of full time
work!  Summer  ends for me on
Friday!  I am returning feeling much
better about my physical health than I ended last school year.  Although the weight loss is VERY SLOW, I
still can tell I have lost inches and feel much, much better.
But, it has taken exercise all but three days of the
summer.  For the last 12 days, I have
walked and worked light weights for an hour a day.  So, I enter this school year with fear and
trepidation.  The CDC released a report
this week about the values of walking. 
Here is the LINK!
The report says for walking to be of any value it needs to
be done at least 2 ½ hours per week.  My
plan right now is to do twenty minutes a day (M-F) and one hour in the mornings
on the weekend.  But, I am the first to
tell you that good exercise and healthy eating is very difficult for me during
the school year.  Also, I work in an
interior room with no windows, so it will take determination to keep my daily
dose of Vitamin D going.  I have been
faithful to 15 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week all summer. 
I will be honest and report back if I am able to keep my new
healthy routine going or not.  I will say that I start this year with more determination to do this than ever before!
HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY EVERYONE….I will think of you as I sit
in meetings from 7:30AM to 5PM!!


  1. Oh dear, a day of meetings! Well, you look fabulous for it, and I'm so glad to hear about your improved health. Walking is the best, isn't it?

  2. Great for you Pam with your healthy new plan. I look forward to your honest updates. It is a choice that is not easy and we each need to work it out for ourselves as the best approach. I think it helps me more to hear each others personal stories instead of only looking at studies. We do not have to go to the Olympics to be athletes in training for life not just when we are young and have no responsibilities.

  3. Hope that your walking program will work for you during the school year. You're looking very healthy and the outfit looks comfortable yet chic for the first day of work. The jewelry gives the ensemble a special flourish.

  4. I have been following your blog for a while now. Your walking programme inspired me to start my own. As I live in South Africa, walking as a woman alone is too dangerous, so I started walking in our home on a treadmill. To be accountable I decided to blog about it.I will follow your progress through your winter and our summer

  5. Thinking of you today. Hope the first day goes well. LOVE the bracelet. I really need to begin walking again. I wish we were closer because we could be walking buddies. xo

  6. I hope the first day goes well. That cuff is divine. The walking will be so good if you can keep it up, it will help improve your overall stamina. I have been trying to get back into an exercise routine for well over a year and it has been a struggle so I definitely feel your pain! XO, Jill

  7. Enjoy starting work! (As much as I love the summer, I love Fall equally… it's a different sort of "start" that can feel colorful and satisfying.)

    But before that… enjoy every last moment of your weekend! Ideally, summer is to be savored, right?

  8. A windowless room… ugh! I feel for you. Hopefully the daily walking outdoors will help compensate a bit for that. Good luck!

    I adore your bracelet!

  9. oh sad that your summer is over, but it sounds like you ready and excited about going back to school
    i guess my summer will be officially over on wed. when the last son gets dropped off at college

  10. You've done so well with the walking!

    How about resolving to park in the farthest reaches of the parking lot so as to build a little stroll into the beginning and ending of your work days?

  11. I hope it goes well – the teaching and the exercising. Love that you picked out your outfit for the first day! Killer accessories.

    I have to take OTC Vit D every day but it does great things for hair and nails, plus added energy.

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