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I made more of a commitment to Instagram this past week and thought I might share with you a few of the images I posted there and a few I just liked from my last week of summer out and about!  Next week I have a fun contest for you with a fabulous prize and the inexpensive, amazing outfit Gigi wore on our first day back!  Have a Fabulous Saturday, Everyone!

Stein Mart put out some fun knit pencil skirts in a variety of prints and colors!
I called this one THEY PAVED PARADISE.  Since the freeway remodel started months ago,
there are a group of men who gather at the table outside of Starbuck’s to discuss the latest
phase of construction.  They kind of crack me up when I go past them to the grocery.

Morning Walk in August!
Garment Exchange Consignment Shop

Has to be my favorite one!  I saw it in a parking lot and turned back to go for the picture!
My son wanted me to ram it and make mashed potatoes!!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Loving this little peek into your world. I have an instagram but haven't really utilized it. I guess I don't "get it" yet. My daughter is upset. That can't possibly be a real potato could it?! At first I thought that bra was made out of candy and thought, hey, that's my type of bra! xo

  2. WARNING: The first garment should never be worn under a tight t-shirt. And is that a REAL potato? I can't imagine the leaves on the top of that while growing, it had to have been a forest! I am growing potatoes right now so I know what the tops look like. 🙂

  3. I'm always looking for blogs I can identify with. I have enjoyed reading your last entries, especially the discussion on fashion vs style– very interesting, but what finally made me stop and post was seeing Idaho's famous potato. I'm a proud Idahoan, and actually do love potatoes cooked every way possible, but I also love style even at 61. I feel I have more sense with style now, although I do wish I had my younger body to hang things on. 🙂 Thanks for making my day by posting Idaho's potato! PS We're also about mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, hunting, fishing and great cities and towns and I'm not getting paid to say this!!

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