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Since beginning over50feeling40, I love reading my email…there is always a surprise to make me smile.  Recently, I was emailed by a young lady who was fairly new in the fashion industry and just wanted to meet me to discuss what was going on fashion-wise in San Antonio.  This meeting resulted in a new friend!
Liz is a precious young woman with a huge smile, a big heart, and even bigger passion for fashion!!  She is the only person I have ever met from my father’s teeny tiny hometown and she is a social media wizard!  I have already learned more from her than she has learned from me!   But, we have had fun during our encounters and I know that more of that fun lies ahead!
I wore a fun Chloe + Isabel necklace when I appeared on TV with Goodwill!
She is the local representative for CHLOE + ISABEL JEWELRY, so I conducted an interview to properly introduce her and it is surrounded by some of her friends modeling pieces of the jewelry.  At the end, you will have an opportunity to win a fun necklace…perfect for this fall!
PAM: Why are you selling Chloe+ Isabel?
LIZ: I love fashion and people and this is a great way to combine the two.  I get to meet a lot of interesting people all over Texas and fellow merchandisers all over the nation.  Also, it helps out my family with a little extra money.  Like fashion, a little of something can go a long way.
PAM:  What do you like about CHLOE + ISABEL??
LIZ:  I like that they have something for everyone.  The company philosophy is based on two best friends that are completely different, but they have a love for jewelry.  “Chloe” represents the part of us that is always in search of the season’s hottest jewelry trend, and “Isabel” embodies the appreciation of timeless, beautifully-crafted pieces.  They also take such good care of their customers.  They offer a lifetime warranty on every piece and if something breaks or turns, they will replace it for free.  They respond within 24 hours of a call and also have the best social media out there.  Hostesses of parties can receive up to $400 in free jewelry and the line has several different price points for everyone.  But, the last, but not the least is that the jewelry is AMAZING!!!
PAM:  Why should women care about jewelry?
LIZ:  Jewelry is like icing on the cake of fashion.  It can really make your attire stand out and make a statement.  Think about the first thing you put on when you get dressed.  Now the last thing.  The last thing is usually jewelry and it finishes you off by sending a message of the kind of woman you are embracing that day.
This young woman is a stylish go-getter.  But her heart is also in larger dreams:
LIZ:  I would like to do something with Chloe + Isabel as a fundraiser for Autism research.  I have a son who is autistic and I connect with more and more people every day who also have autistic children. 
Liz has provided us this fabulous LONG ORGANIC LINK AND CHAIN NECKLACE for someone in this audience to win!!   It is perfect for beautiful fall looks and would work for any age.  All you have to do is tell me below that you  LIKE OVER50FEELING40 on Facebook, then LIZ ROSS FOR CHLOE + ISABEL in Facebook.   Once you tell me you LIKE us both….You name will go in the drawing and on August 30, I will announce the winner!!!  Also, make sure I have your email address!
Make sure you enter, have a wonderful Thursday, and on Thursday visit the lovely bloggers at KATIE’S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!!

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  1. I love Over 50 Feeling 40. I check in everyday. Pam you look radiant, life must be treating you well right now!! Thank goodness. Those trials in life can really put us into a tailspin. Great job on the blog.

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