I really thought you had to see what I deal with!
Typically, I end each school year feeling unhealthy.  I get extra fatigued and will blow off exercise, and I am surrounded by unhealthy temptations for treats and food.  This week the wonderful parents transformed the teacher’s workroom into a candy store.  Everyone was encouraged to take a little bag and fill it to the brim!!

These types of events happen in our workroom often….and if you combine it with personal gifts from students and families…and daily feeding of a yearbook staff or newspaper staff of donuts and breakfast tacos…and birthday celebrations…well, have I made my point….it is almost impossible to resist.

I have improved…I walk away more now than I partake…but I do not stay completely away… and on high stress days, I am much more likely to dig in!  My exercise program continues to be good, but I do not know how to resist the treats.  Any ideas?  If you have some great advice for temptation, please let me know!  I know I need to just walk away, but I am honestly surrounded by it.  I wish I did not love sugar as much as I do…but my current intake is much, much less than it used to be.  My vicious cycle (13 years) has been:

1. Go to work at beginning of year
2. Throughout the year consume mass quantities of sugar
3. Get fatigued from sugar
4. Stop exercising from fatigue
5. Feel awful at the end of May
6. Get healthy over summer
7 Start all over again.

So, I am sending out an S-O-S.…HELP!  What would you do…how would you resist this temptation?  

Have a really sweet Wednesday all!!

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