Dealing with Temptation….HELP!

I really thought you had to see what I deal with!
Typically, I end each school year feeling unhealthy.  I get extra fatigued and will blow off exercise, and I am surrounded by unhealthy temptations for treats and food.  This week the wonderful parents transformed the teacher’s workroom into a candy store.  Everyone was encouraged to take a little bag and fill it to the brim!!

These types of events happen in our workroom often….and if you combine it with personal gifts from students and families…and daily feeding of a yearbook staff or newspaper staff of donuts and breakfast tacos…and birthday celebrations…well, have I made my point….it is almost impossible to resist.

I have improved…I walk away more now than I partake…but I do not stay completely away… and on high stress days, I am much more likely to dig in!  My exercise program continues to be good, but I do not know how to resist the treats.  Any ideas?  If you have some great advice for temptation, please let me know!  I know I need to just walk away, but I am honestly surrounded by it.  I wish I did not love sugar as much as I do…but my current intake is much, much less than it used to be.  My vicious cycle (13 years) has been:

1. Go to work at beginning of year
2. Throughout the year consume mass quantities of sugar
3. Get fatigued from sugar
4. Stop exercising from fatigue
5. Feel awful at the end of May
6. Get healthy over summer
7 Start all over again.

So, I am sending out an S-O-S.…HELP!  What would you do…how would you resist this temptation?  

Have a really sweet Wednesday all!!


  1. Pam, can you keep a stash of nuts, fruit, boiled eggs at school? My other suggestion would be to STOP eating sugar and flour completely for a while. You'd be surprised at how the cravings disappear after a few weeks.

  2. Whoa, I would have trouble with this myself and you do describe the routine very well. My downfall currently would be the birthday and retirement cakes. In our office, people will bring in their left over Halloween candy–ugh, but they also bring in leftover garden produce and THAT is a win. I like Une Femme's idea. I know that I'm partial to those little carrots–they are sweet and crunchy.

  3. Like Une Femme, I do a complete cold turkey from sugar sometimes, and this helps me. I always feel so much better, but of course I do go back to sweet treats now and then. I try to NOT go into the break room at work when I know there's donuts, cake, etc. (it disappears fast). I do snack on unsalted nuts and drink lots of tea. Good luck with this, I know it's challenging to resist sweets, but focus on all the *benefits* of your healthy lifestyle. xoxoxoxox

  4. I read somewhere that the first 4-5 bites of something have the most intense flavor to us. After that the taste buds start fading.

    So my trick is to only allow myself 4 bites. That way I don't feel deprived, it allows me to be gracious to the giver, and I know I can stick to that rule pretty easily. And it does stop me from having seconds or thirds. By the time I'm at thirds, why stop there? Might as well eat the rest of the box. 🙂

  5. my best advice would be to keep fruit and other healthy snacks around to go to when tempted
    if you are really craving something that is out, take a little piece or you will be thinking of it all day,but don't go crazy.
    hope this helps

  6. I don't eat sugar but I do eat things that are sugar free provided they aren't made with aspartame. If I want something sweet, I will have a sugar free Lifesaver or a New York Peppermint patty. There are many sugar free options out there. Your local drugstore should carry some.
    I know the temptations of sugars. For me, it's best to completely stay away rather than try to have a little here or there.
    Good luck!

  7. Wow – doesn't anyone think about the diabetic or overweight students or teachers? Or even of the impact of sugar highs on learning and energy levels? If I worked in this environment I think I would have to tell myself that I have an addition to sugar or whatever the trigger is and then approach it the same way people quit smoking, give up salt due to heart problems, or avoid sugar because they are diabetic. Plan what you will eat for the day in advance and have only that with no exceptions. At least for me making exceptions is a slippery slope best avoided. Good luck in sustaining the progress you made over the summer.

  8. I'd decide which candys are irresistable, and totally avoid those. I'd take some of the ones I don't like that well, looking to the individually wrapped kinds in particular. When I was back at my desk I would put the bag out of view. If I can't see it and it's not one of my favorites it's easier for me to stay out of it. Otherwise, go to the break room, loudly fill up a bag, tell everyone was a nice gesture it is, and then ditch it in the bathroom at the first opportunity. You'll do yourself and the other teachers a favor.

    As to donuts and cake. If social pressure demands you take one then do. Take a bite then excuse yourself. Wrap the remainder up in a napkin, crush it with your fist and trash it. It's the thought that counts, not the calories.

    This is war. Children in the ghetto will not die if you leave lard-filled cakes, cookies and donuts in their grave. You worked hard to get to a healthy weight.

  9. About 6 years ago, I gave sugar up as part of South Beach Diet and I have never gone back to sugar since…I was a weekly baker, sugar eater, treat devourer…If I can give up sugar and not miss it…anyone can…I feel and look absolutely great…My weight has stabalized and I can wear ANYTHING..It is absolutely worth the great feelings and fun clothes to live without the white substance…

  10. Unfortunately, the more you feed your sweet tooth, the more you crave sweets. Two things have helped me. When I crave an unhealthy, empty calorie food, I eat a tangerine or two & find the craving goes away. Recently I have also become aware of all the hidden "sweets" affecting my taste buds. Read labels to avoid condiments & foods containing "corn syrup". Alternatives can easily be found. I also understand that sugar substitutes are much sweeter than cane sugar and elevate our "sweetness" threshold. Diet soda or sugar substitutes in your coffee may be causing major problems for you. [You might enjoy reading "The French Don't Diet Plan" by Dr. Will Clower.]

  11. OK, Scare tactic time. I just had a stroke on Thursday…not a small one either. The cause….out of control diabetes. 18 months ago, my sugar levels were perfect. I am only 57. I came out of it lucky with speech and sight intact. That mainly was due to the fact that I live less than 2 minutes from a hospital and we jumped on it quickly. I have had a high stress year and my sugar consumption was my way of dealing with this. And lest you think I am ok, I have had to dictate this comment because I no longer have the use of my right hand, or leg for that matter. The docs say that I will recover. Right now the doctors won't even let me try to navigate the stairs, I cannot hold a knife…so no cooking; or cutting my own meat for that matter. I cannot drive as I don't have the dexterity to put on the brake. I am allowed to sit on the couch and navigate my way to the bathroom and that is all. So, the next time you reach for the M&M's (my fave) ask yourself if it is truly worth it. I can tell you that it is not. My whole stroke could have been prevented if I stayed away from sugar.

    OK, lecture over. I guess I am still a little raw and also incredibly mad at myself because this life altering event did not have to happen.

    1. Oh Mari, you just got my attention big time! I am so sorry you are going through this and proud of you that you would share it with others here. I know it will help a lot of people…I know it helps me. Thank you and I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

    2. Just wanted to send you a hug…Don't beat yourself up…We all have lessons to learn in this life and you have just learned yours…You start with today and using your new information, you proceed to eliminate the problem…I will be thinking about you…Like I said earlier, I gave up sugar and havn't missed it…really…The rewards are so much greater than a brief sugar fix…XoXo

  12. I am usually strong until 3 pm, when I get a slump. The est thing for me is to bring my own treats from home so I don't get too hungry. I can eat my low calorie treats instead of te candy I want to eat! Weight watchers makes great mini candy bars.

  13. So tempting. I agree with the others. Have a supply of apples, avoid going into the den of evil and think of it all as POISON…cancers thrive on SUGAR

  14. Of course for Halloween you can fill the bag with any boxed or packaged candy to hand out. For the suggestion box; ask that half of however many contributing make a healthy version of the potluck, snack array etc!

    Trust me I know how difficult it is!

    Art by Karena

  15. My workplace is exactly the same. And whenever two or more people meet it usually means sugar. I used to be a sugaraholic. Gradually I was able to wean myself off NOT by eating fruit or veges. No way would an apple or carrot type food ever take the place of my desire for a glazed donut or cnday when IN MY FACE. So I had to start by closing my eyes. Ignoring it, pretending nothing was there of interest to me and just being strict with myself and my choices. Stopping to ask….what do I really want? The donut or the 5 pounds on my hips that make my clothes look awful? GRADUALLY over the years I have won and the sugar has lost It is HABIT for me. I just got in the habit of ignoring it. Also cheese, nuts, I eat plenty of NON CARB foods and that also allows me to be strong. I think it is great we learn from each other. Soon you will be giving your feedback about how sugar no longer can sabatoge what you truly want in the future. My treat… home…2 tabls mini dark choc chips in my plain greek yogurt that I sweeten with Whey protien powder. So I always know at the end of the day I have my own healthy treat waiting for me. That way I can ignore what other people consider a treat.

  16. If you see the goodies at, say, 10 a.m., tell yourself that 5:00 p.m. Pam will be grateful if 10:00 a.m. Pam skips the goodies — not to mention 2015 Pam! (Got this tip from the a commenter on another blog, and it works for me!)

  17. I've lost about 18 pounds this year and for me it's simply been all about self control and knowing that if I open myself up to this kind of snacky foods that I will once again feel sluggish, tired and gain weight. You just have to commit to being healthy and it will happen for you. Never let outside influences influence you! Simple as that. Learn to just say, 'no thank you'.

  18. OMG! That's a temptation hard to resist. I can see why you would be worries. I think drinking a lot of water and keeping your stomach full will help you from reaching out for the sweets. And of course as others suggested, taking your own healthy snacks and reaching out to them as soon as you see sugar would help too 🙂 Good Luck!

    ∞ © ∞

  19. Pam, Decide to not go into the breakroom. Keep your lunch in your classroom and go out for a walk. I know it's hard but somehow dig deep into yourself and decide the sweets are just not food that you eat. Prayer helps.

  20. I don't really eat any sugar any more or very rarely. What helped me give up was imagining myself after having eaten the sweets and not feeling good. That helped me make the decision to say "no" in the moment. It also helps not to have any in the house as my husband has Type 2 Diabetes and sugar is pretty much a banned substance. Good Luck

  21. Wow, that table looks AMAZING, how can you stay away from something like that?? I couldn't! Not much help sorry, as sweetness is my weakness 🙁
    I'm trying desperately to break my sweet habits…
    Thanks for sharing!

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