As I walked in the neighborhood this morning, the acorns
crunched under my feet as if a crackling fire was nearby.  The hint of autumn seems to be around a
little earlier than usual.  Oh, it is
still hot…just not as hot as we are used to at this time. 
But, I am really enjoying my autumn clothes and décor…football
games on TV…and the burst of joy I feel when seasons change.  Starbuck’s even smells like spice:

Thank you for all of the great advice and, yes, sobering
stories from the sugar post yesterday.  I
really am cutting back…it is just those days at school which are much
tougher.  But, I think you have empowered
me to face these moments with more determination.  Such incredible women, to be open and share
some of your stories.
Today’s outfit is in celebration of autumn colors!!  I love this saffron cardigan by Jana
Kos.  It is very sad to me that this designer
is currently in hiatus due to the economy. 
She is so talented and really knows women.   From the Neiman’s Runway to Nicole Richie’s
latest collection, I have seen the peacock colors all over the current
season.  Now, I can wear cinnamon, sage, saffron, nutmeg; and not just savor them in the seasonal dishes!
 I found this scarf last year at
Stein Mart.  Actually, I made a sales associate take it off of the mannequin since it was the last remaining!
So, tell us what your favorite autumn spice is to wear and
then visit the bloggers from KATIE’S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP! 
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