Faces, Friends, Fashion Night Out – San Antonio Style!

Women of a certain age brought the style and smiles to San Antonio’s Fashion Night Out celebration at Neiman Marcus in The Shops of La Cantera.  In fact, I will go out on a limb and report that the majority of the large crowd was 40+!  

And a good time was had by all!  They not only brought the smiles and styles….they brought the cupcakes, champagne, seviche, girlfriends, and fashion, fashion, fashion…who wouldn’t be laughing!

Gigi brought along her gorgeous sisters!  I think you will enjoy the off-the-runway looks in the slide show below! We went early to get all of the beauty. Fabulous was flowing abundantly and the evening was nothing but fun!

The Shops of La Cantera Mall is right next to Fiesta Texas Theme Park!

I will see you Sunday evening for Visible Monday!


  1. I have admired how you have dealt with your family's financial crisis while still remaining interested in fashion and life. We are now facing our own financial crisis, and I just want to hide. Any recommendations on staying vital and concerned about appearance when you cannot afford to buy anything new and are terrified about the future? I have also lost 15% of body weight and am almost underweight so existing clothes do not fit.

  2. Dear Anonymous, I wish you would contact me in my email, so that we could talk on a regular basis…over50feeling40@gmail.com. But, I do know exactly what you are feeling and experiencing. Though we are now both employed, we are digging out of a very deep hole with no retirement money existing any longer. I will tell you that thrift, Goodwill, and resale can give you fun and hope during this time! To go on treasure hunts in these stores, takes you mind off of your struggles and gives you hope that you can still look fabulous during them. Also, make sure that every time you start to worry about the future that you immediately, verbally say STOP! Just focus on today! Find joy in today! Just deal with what is on your plate today! And STOP thinking about tomorrow…despite what Fleetwood Mac says! You will find freedom in living this way and peace. We just came out of a financial talk this morning and we had to remind ourselves to only think about TODAY! It really has been fun for me to see how I can look my best on a budget. Now, the part about hiding….YOUR self worth is not determined by your money. DON'T HIDE! Hold your head up high…remind yourself that you are fabulous… and choose JOY no matter what. These are not just words…I live them. I get up every morning and go look for people to bless that day. It is true that when we take our eyes off of ourselves and place them on how to help others, then we are blessed in return. If you would like to talk more, just email me. YOU CAN DO THIS and even (dare I say) not dread the experience!

  3. Hi Pam
    I also could not watch video. I live in the UK on a very slender amount.I am retired and we live just on our State Retirement Pension.I manage well, but glean money where I can to save for my one indulgence-clothes. I have only recently found your blog and much admire you, your sense of style has helped me very much to look at my clothes and see how I can change the look. We do not have your thrift or good will shops here our second hand clothes are charity shops and are clothes nobody wants. I save up and get my clothes mostly in the sales.
    The way you put colours together I find particularly good.
    Thank you
    Angela UK

  4. Wish I had your Goodwill. We have one decent consignment shop in our small city and I recently scored a stunning sterling silver bracelet for a fraction of the cost. I think I know why they thrifted it- it is a pain in the …. to hook. But it is so worth the trouble. I love going to stores with fantastic fashion and high prices, because I can truly window-shop there. I would not even be tempted to pay those prices.

    I wish we had a FNO near me. I have thought about going to New York for part of Fashion Week just for the experience, but it seemed overwhelming. I'll live through you vicariously!

  5. I think I fixed it and now have it public!! Thank you ladies for sharing. Angela, I also buy many things on sale, and out of season. Shopping on a budget is something I enjoy!

  6. Gigi and her sisters are gorgeous. I'm pleased to see that it's mainly women over 40, in London FNO is full of whippersnappers! I'd much rather hang out with people my own age. Sounds like you had fun.

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