Runway Inspiration…Visibility That’s Black & Blue

INSPIRED!  That is exactly how I left Fashion’s Night Out at Neiman Marcus.  Though I cannot afford anything on their runway, I came home to see many different ways I could adapt the trends of the season!!  If you did not catch the runway and off runway looks, make sure you see them here first:
I loved the black and blue together styles.  So, I started there with a blue jacket I purchased about a year and half ago at Stein Mart!
The black blouse is also an oldie but goodie; and the jeans are from LANE BRYANT.  I liked popping a bright color in there…though I did not see that on the runway!
I actually bought the Dana Buchman color blocked shoes a couple of weeks ago with the intention of wearing them to the wedding in December! I think I should wear them before then.  With KOHL’S cash I had earned and current coupons, I bought these fun wedges for just $20.00!!
The runway was full of long necklaces.  The one I wore here is another oldie but goodie.  The skinny hot pink belt is from Lane Bryant and the bracelet is one of my past finds from Chicos sales. Of course,  my Carmen Marc Valvo sunglasses were worn because the runway models wore sunglasses in the FNO Show!
I think I will wear lots of black and blue this season…I really like it!
Have a Marvelous Monday and make sure you visit the ladies of  VISIBLE MONDAY andMONDAY MINGLE!!


  1. I love this look and so many others you put together! I'm a long time lurker but first time posting. I'm a 55 yo social worker and find you and I have similar taste! I notice you sometimes post that you purchased an item at Lane Bryant and ( sorry to be so personal) but you seem quite slender thor their clothing. Do you mind my asking how you find items there? I used to buy there quite a bit when I weighed 211 lbs but I've since lost 25 and am between a 14/16 and don't find the same fit? Thanks for all the great tips!

    1. Hi Terry, Well you made me feel great!! I am in the process of slimming down…but not quite where I want to be so the process goes on. Most of what I post from LB are items I have had for years. But, I recently bought these skinny jeans in a size 16. Their regular 14/16 is a little baggy, but the skinny jeans and the jeggings are still a good fit for me. Now, I know us seasoned ladies are really not suppose to wear jeggings and leggings…but I do…I LOVE THEM! Thanks for reading and for finally commenting…let us hear more from you!

  2. Fabulous look, Pam! Black and navy is very Rive Gauche. You've done a great job taking runway inspiration and translating it to pieces in your own closet. Yes, wear those colorblocked shoes now!

  3. New here! I love your blog and will add it to my own blog list.
    My last post (about scarves) is all about fall-winetr trendy colors. And I mention blue and dark as a hit (with tangerine… not so easy to wear BTW).
    This match is abosutely perfect on you ! And your shoes are to die for ! Thanks for sharing.
    All the best,

  4. Isn't it wonderful that we can take inspiration from the most expensive of runways. I like the black and blue combo and the shoes are perfect with it.

  5. I love black and blue together Pam. I saw a pair of black and blue boots that were just ridiculously beautiful (and not in my budget) but that combo of color looked so amazing together. You look marvelous!

  6. Looking very sophisticated Pam! I have been a lover of black and blue for some time, so you have reminded me of several pieces that I have in my closet. If you keep things long enough, they tend to show up again!

  7. Oh Pam, how beautiful is your blog, like ALWAYS! And your kind comment to me this morning is what I needed to hear too. Being DIFFERENT is a challenge in this world that demands that people are the same. But we have no choice but to be who were were born to be, right?

    BE LOVELY AS YOU ARE and spread the sparkle!! Anita

  8. I love the translation of the inspiration- proving that you don't need to spend money to be stylish- just pick good pieces for your wardrobe and add styling! The color of blue and black when done right are so classy- perf for day or night. I also love the bangle bling!

  9. Your black and blue outfit is amazing! I've been trying to come up with a black and blue outfit for some time now, but I don't have the right pieces – you certainly do! The bracelet is fantastic, the shoes too! And for next to nothing compared to prices of the runway outfits!

  10. Your outfit is such a fab interpetation of the runway. I think it is a far better real world outfit than those shown. (And a much more affordable option.)

    I thought I recognized that Chico's bracelet. I almost bought it last year. It is so pretty.
    Love your shoes! They are such a lovely color combo.

  11. hello pam, i had problems in opening some blogs yesterday. that is why i am commenting only now. you look so cute in your black-blue clothes! you reproduced the style perfectly. thank you for dropping in. lieben gruß von sabine

  12. Love your black 'n' blue look, Pam! And I love that you added your own creative twist with the bright belt. I enjoyed FNO here in Seattle. Nice to know friends around the country were having a great evening too!!! ~Sarah

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