That’s right!  I am declaring  the season officially autumn, because it is
my favorite season.  Though I live in
South Texas (Sun City), I am every bit an autumn lady!
I prefer the scents of pumpkin
bread and apple pie to chicken on the grill and cold fruits.
I prefer shorter days with dark
evenings and Spice candles glowing.
I prefer the deep hues of autumn
golds, browns, and reds to pastels blues and pinks.
I prefer the chilly mornings with
coffee on the patio to the toasty picnics on long summer days.
I just am an autumn girl!
That’s why I decorate my house for
autumn on September 1.  Yes, I know
America is at the beach.  I know the past
week has bragged of daily temps from 100 -105. 
I know that snow cone sales are soaring. But, I also know, that I will have only two
and one half months of my favorite home décor. I realize that others may scoff,
but these decorations bring me such joy…I want to relish them every minute
until Thanksgiving. Then my Christmas decorations will adorn my home as we
prepare for a family wedding in December.
I found this CYNTHIA ROWLEY scarf
in MARSHALLS this summer and fell in love with the colorful autumn
display of my favorite colors!  I will get a lot of wear out of
this scarf.  At the same time, I also
purchased the brown knit jacket at Marshalls. 
Both were between $14 to $19 each. 
Our Marshalls has brimmed of Cynthia Rowley pieces in the last year and I
rarely see something I do not like by this designer.
Yes, that is Madeleine’s tail sticking into the picture!
Bracelet and Skirt from Lane Bryant last Fall Season!
I apologize that my blogging has
been sporadic in the last couple of weeks. 
They have been difficult ones between work and home.  We suffered an unexpected death in our
extended family, and we must travel to a funeral.  So, I will not post again until later in the
week.  But, hopefully then, I will return
on my regular schedule.   Also, I
neglected to follow through on my latest GIVEAWAY with CHLOE AND ISABEL JEWELRY.  The winner of the fabulous
necklace is JANE GREENMAN!! 
Congratulations, Jane! Thank you for reading my blog and entering the contest!  I hope you
send a picture modeling your necklace when it arrives!
REMEMBER:  THURSDAY IS FASHION NIGHT OUT!  Look for special sales and events in your
Have a wonderful Monday, Tuesday,
and Wednesday
everyone…see you later in the week!!
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  1. So sorry about the loss in your family, Pam.

    I know you are an Autumn person, and this is your season. I really like your Fall colors today, and that fabulous scarf too. thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday, and please travel safely.

  2. Normally I am a fall girl too, and I love that you have already decorated for autumn! This year I'm missing summer though. It was a fun one and my kids are the perfect age for summer fun. I guess I'm feeling nostalgic for long summer days even though they haven't really gone away yet.

  3. So sorry for yalls loss.
    I live in fl and while i love autumn, i just cant seem to transition this early. Its just too hot for me. Autumn colors also dont look good on me. Im fair skinned with blue eyes and white hair. You look fantastic in this color pallette!
    Safe travels.

  4. So sorry about your loss Pam. I too look forward to Fall soon:) The temps here have been brutal this Summer…and plus, we get to bring out the Fall clothes:)

    Id love to collaborate with you soon!! I'll send you an email.

  5. Although I hate to say good-bye to the all-too-short Northeast summer, I am looking forward to wearing scarves again. Got out my scarf box today and noticed how many nice fall-appropriate scarves I have. There have been years when I have neglected to wear them and some years when I don't leave home without one. This will be a scarf year.

    Safe travels and prayers for your family's loss.

  6. My condolences on your loss, Pam.

    Here in Canada, autumn is made bittersweet by the knowledge that winter with several feet of snow and temperatures of -20F and colder is just around the corner. I do love autumn colours though and they show up prominently in my wardrobe too.

  7. Pam, I'm not sure what I missed, but see sweet words of condolence here. I trust you are okay and I know that whatever happened, you are drawing strength from your Lord. I too am a Fall Woman, not only is it my favorite season, but also my coloring and personality. We southern gals are always ready to get rid of the hot summer and usher in the cool and colorful fall, aren't we. BTW, I posted my fall Working Wardrobe Capsule on Friday. Come visit when you have time.

  8. You look wonderful in fall colours! I've never decorated my home for fall – only Christmas. Maybe if I try it I'll find autumn a bit more fun. Your decorations are beautiful! I'll be looking closely at your pictures for inspiration!

  9. I am with you on loving Autumn. The colors of the season can be beautiful. You do such a wonderful job of decorating. It looks so inviting. I can just imagine the smells of autumn when I see your displays.
    Your outfit is very autumnal and looks fabulous on you.

  10. I LOVE Fall! You and I are just alike in that – I wanted to decorate yesterday and just thought it was too early. Now I think I'll pull it all out tonight! Praying for your safe travel and grace with family. You're looking great! Hugs to you…

  11. I swear… part of the reason I haven't posed in forever was that the early and long summer was just too hot and gross for me to feel like I wanted to accessorize. I was just trying to not melt into the pavement!

    I just want it warm enough to kayak, bike, and skate outside, but cool enough for blazers, light scarves, or at least not necklaces covered in sweat and salt!

  12. Looking at your pictures, I know what I'm missing each year. No such thing as autumn here in Singapore. There is something really beautiful about all the seasons… Sorry to read about your loss, wishing you strength.

  13. i am with you pam, fall is my favorite time of the year.
    after living in Pennsylvania, it really became even more fabulous to me.
    that state does fall right!
    at least we get leaf color here in NC
    happy autumn

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