Memories of our past….they influence us in so many ways…good and bad.  I have heard women refuse to wear plaid, because they wore it every day in private school….or women refuse to wear florals because it reminds them of Grandma’s couch!

Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear has little patience with people who avoid fashion trends because of past experiences…he says simply GET OVER IT!

From Goodwill…brand new!!

But, sometimes we wear clothes because they bring back good memories.  When I was young, my ballet teacher wore drapey, loose sweaters much like the one I am wearing today.  I thought she was so beautiful and fun.  I loved to watch her more than I loved to learn the positions.  When she moved away and the advanced toe shoes hurt my feet, I quit ballet.  But, when I see this style, I think of her.  So, right or wrong, I am drawn to this style from good memories.

Sweater:  Chicos

So, what do you think?  Does anyone avoid some form of clothing from bad memories or wear something because of good associations?  

Let us know, then visit the bloggers from Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!! on Thursday!

Thursday Favorite Things

Finally, have a terrific Thursday!!

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