My back yard is a small, middle class neighborhood backyard.  The grass is dead from recent droughts, and
lack of funds has limited my gardening. 
My son’s dog occasionally comes to visit and has “rearranged” the
outdoor furniture and decor!  
Nevertheless, I can sit there, find peace and still discover beauty
around me.  It is in the eye of this
I have learned with age to always look for the rainbow….the
bright spot amidst the dark clouds.  It
is critical to living with joy! 

seeking to find the glass half full, the heaviness of life will overcome us and plunge some into the depths of despair.  I
could easily find something to lament over every day and I admit, there are
days that the temptation is great to just give in to the doldrums.  But, it completely wastes our time and our time is so
Now, I choose to see a rhinestone on a leaf….where there is a drop of
water.  I see autumn while the heat
lingers on….and I see fun in my closet though the budget is small.  It is fashion week and I cannot attend many
of the events because I am a teacher….but I will do what I can and have fun
with it!  The eye of this beholder chooses
to see the beauty first, and not the blemishes.
What brings you joy today?  
See…a few leaves have changed colors!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!

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