I thought this was so cute!  Before my daughter and her husband left Saipan, they wanted a cute way to tell their friends who their baby is.  They had this cake made with both pink and blue feet all over the top….but the color of the filling in the middle would reveal the official news once it was cut!!  There is so much fun creativity out there nowadays…thanks to the wonders of social media!!  Just had to share!

Have a fabulous Sunday everyone! 

 I am loving it so far…it is cloudy and in the 50s…though they say the 90s will return this week, for today I can live in another world.  Closet should be finished by the time I return for Visible Monday!!


  1. What a creative idea!

    What were your daughter and son-in-law doing on Saipan? We spent the summer of 2011 doing volunteer ministry with the Church of the Nazarene on the island.

    1. They have been there for over a year…he was working originally in a government job and she has been teaching high school. They loved the island life and traveling around Asia. But he has accepted a new job and with a baby due they are ready to once again be around family! They met and made some great friends there!

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