Since I became a blogger, I love to open my email!  What will over50feeling40 have for me today?  Whether it is a new advertiser or reader
request, I always find something there of interest.  One reader  wondered, “Is it acceptable to wear fake
leathers and furs….or does that cheapen our style?”
Boots:  Ross
Gloves: Stein Mart
Great Question!  Personally,
I believe it is acceptable to wear fakes in order to save money as long as the
fakes are good ones! There is no material more beautiful than a soft, buttery authentic leather. But for some of us, the purchase doesn’t come easy.   I have always heard
that the way federal agents find counterfeit money is to study the
original.   By doing that, they are more
likely to find the fakes.  That is why I
study original leathers….then I find it easier to shop for fakes…the more authentic
they look, the better.   I only own a
couple of authentic leather garments…the others are the more affordable
fakes.   Living in a warmer climate also
makes it cost effective to buy the fakes, because we do not get to wear
leather jackets and skirts that often.  I
have not had success in thrift stores with leather…the ones I have found are
either in despicable shape or made for really tiny people.
Today’s outfit is one way I mimic the look, but please know
there are some really cheap fakes out there and they can look horrendous…shop
with care and remember….study the originals in order to know how to shop for

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Which item is real leather:  The Gloves!

Jacket:  Lane Bryant
Skirt: Talbots
Simply Vera Vera Wang Purse: KOHLS

TA DA!!  The Winner of the GOOD WORKS bracelets from San Antonio’s Apricot Lane boutique is Judith!!
Judith please email me your address so that I can mail the bracelets to you!!

Have a safe Tuesday…still praying for my east coast friends!

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