What A Difference Confidence Makes!

Eight years ago, I would not have had the confidence to wear this leopard cape!

Thank goodness I have been through a major reinvention since then and now do not mind having heads turn when I enter a room…even if it is for the garment!!  I entered my 50s with me on the back burner, but will leave them with me sizzling up front!  I have re-gained my confidence!
Despite the gray hairs, wrinkles, extra pounds, and limited funds…I feel great about where I am and who I am.  This does directly affect some of my purchases…I am more likely to make a bold statement.  A statement I would have been shy about just eight years ago!  That  is why I purchased the leopard cape from Lane Bryant when it hit their catalog in early September.  Today is the first day I wore it (because the weather finally cooperated!!)  I feel great in this look!
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My advice…step out of your comfort zone…even if it is just baby steps!  Believe me, it is so much fun!  Allow confidence to guide your clothing purchases!
On a more serious note, if any of  my readers are in the path of the storms, please know that I am praying for you….stay safe…heed the warnings!
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  1. Thank you, Pam. We are in the path, but won't be a direct hit. NY is concerned about high winds, but the rain here is supposed to be manageable. Last year in upstate NY, we were hit by two tropical storms back to back which caused major flooding. So we are praying that won't happen again.

  2. You look fantastic in this wicked cool cape, Pam. And you're a beautiful woman. I bet heads turn for more than your statement pieces.

    I'm worried about my blogger friends, and oldest daughter, The Costume Technician, in NYC – and any of my other blogger friends who may be affected by this horrific storm.

  3. You ARE amazing. So many women think that once you hit, what I call, 'my downslide to 60' lol give up and get dowdy. Wear your colors and patterns with pride, you look great! Keep it up. Blessings Paula

  4. You look stunning in this outfit. It seems made for you.
    I agree that we need to step out of our comfort zones, even or especially after 50. If I weren't so short (5 ft) and living in the tropics, I'd be ordering a leopard cape myself. Instead, I'm compromising with animal print T-shirts, a real stretch from my usual solid-color T's.

  5. I love your description of how you entered your 50's and how you plan on leaving them. You look fantastic and confidently chic in this leopard cape!

  6. I love your blog!! Watching you change and grow in confidence helps me too. I have been taking some risks in my fashions too but hadn't thought about it as having more confidence. Smiles here and I thank you.

  7. Hi Pam,
    I so agree with you. It's all about confidence. That's what I keep saying to all the ladies I am teaching to how to play with scarves. Confidence is definitely the secret to look great no matter what.
    I love very much your leopard cape. You are very chic. And you proves your readers that leopard print is not only for teens. Love that!
    All the best from Florida,
    Anne (Playing With Scarves)

  8. Oh Pam, you look so good in that cape! I think I got so used to wearing 'mommy' clothes when my kids were just born that I put a lot of my crazier prints away, afraid to attract attention. It has been tough to get back into it too, let me tell you, I really am kind of shy and low-key. I have been taking baby steps, thanks to the blogging experience, to get back out there. And scarves have been a great way for me to do it. You know, in the 'How to Look Expensive' book, Andrea says confidence and a smile are two of the main ways to look expensive, without spending a dime (good posture is her tip #3). If you read that book, let me know what you think. I think it's so good for a range of ages and I really appreciate her advice. XO, Jill P.S. Sandy is getting here in NYC, slowly but surely, the worst is supposed to be tonight. I hope we don't lose power.

  9. You look fabulous, Pam…I agree confidence is reflected in your attitude to life and your wardrobe choices 😉
    Your 50s is a great decade…I'm enjoying them; I'm so much more relaxed and enjoying life and new challenges!
    Have a great week.

  10. Love the leopard on you Pam!
    I agree; confidence or a "who-gives-a-damn" attitude is what we all need. Love not having any rules or boundaries; makes for more creativity~
    Talk soon~

  11. You look amazing, elegant and very confident! Well done! Your necklaces are gorgeous, and your fabulous cape reminds me of my new dress!

    I have family on their way to visit other relatives in the US today, I'm fearing that storm too! The forces of Mother Nature are so overwhelming!

  12. Aren't these little square capes handy? And attractive, as it is on you. You'll get lots of use from this. They work really well with flowy, bat-wing blouses and heavy sweaters when you only want light coverage … but then you already know that, I bet. Sweet little boot toes peeping out. So together. Confidence … JUSTIFIED!

  13. Great post. We may not look like supermodels or have the wealth to purchase expensive clothes, but a smart shopper can always find great deals. Additionally, walking with our head up and a smile on our face makes everything we wear look that much better.

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