Eight years ago, I would not have had the confidence to wear this leopard cape!

Thank goodness I have been through a major reinvention since then and now do not mind having heads turn when I enter a room…even if it is for the garment!!  I entered my 50s with me on the back burner, but will leave them with me sizzling up front!  I have re-gained my confidence!
Despite the gray hairs, wrinkles, extra pounds, and limited funds…I feel great about where I am and who I am.  This does directly affect some of my purchases…I am more likely to make a bold statement.  A statement I would have been shy about just eight years ago!  That  is why I purchased the leopard cape from Lane Bryant when it hit their catalog in early September.  Today is the first day I wore it (because the weather finally cooperated!!)  I feel great in this look!
Chicos Jewelry
My advice…step out of your comfort zone…even if it is just baby steps!  Believe me, it is so much fun!  Allow confidence to guide your clothing purchases!
On a more serious note, if any of  my readers are in the path of the storms, please know that I am praying for you….stay safe…heed the warnings!
  Now, go enjoy the bloggers of Visible Monday and Monday Mingle

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