Today is Burgundy Day!  I am joining other bloggers on Tuesday for a tribute to this saturated, rich color hosted by Jill and Adrienne!

My problem with the color is that there are days I love the jewel-toned richness and autumn beauty of it….then there are days I am exhausted by it.  The school where I have worked for over 15 years has maroon and gold for its school colors.  The college my son is about to graduate from and deeply loves has school colors of maroon and white.  Some days, I am just tired of seeing it!

But this Chaps sweater, I found early in the season at Kohls, is perfect.  Though the burgundy is the base color, the over all paisley print keeps it lively and interesting.  The jacket (which I bought five years ago for five dollars at a Macy’s Red Apple Sale) has a small maroon stripe in it.

I really like the overall look  a lot and will probably wear it often this season.  Burgundy will always be in my life…even if I am inundated with it at times…I just have to find new ways to enjoy it!

Now, hop on over to Everything Just So and The Rich Life On A Budget and see how everyone else does merlot (or whatever you call it these days)!!  Then have a Fabulous October 2!!

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