Relief….This Walking Thing Just Might Work!

Well, the grim headline came on Monday….according to this news report, the overall health of Baby Boomers is getting worse.  While that is sobering for the big picture….in
my tiny part of the world, there is good news. 
Not great….but good!
Last May, I wrote of a blood test which was my last
straw.  I was finally ready after years
of poor effort, to turn my health around. 
So, I began daily exercise and healthy eating.  I was tired of diet after diet…losing…gaining
it back…losing again…no real progress. 
That is when I finally decided to just eat healthy.  I knew it would be a slower process, but
hopefully lead to a lifestyle change …for good!
Though I have a long way to go, I am finally on the right
path!!   Yesterday, I sat in the doctor’s
office to listen to results from a new blood test and I confess to some anxiety
as I waited to hear if there had been any changes from four months back.  I had visions of  a future of heavy sweating in a gym and
eating just lettuce,  if the current plan of daily walking and responsible eating
was not working.
But, all worries of a more stringent course disappeared when
the first results came through….YES, real progress was made!!
Triglycerides    (last
May) 270    (yesterday)  173
Total Cholesterol 
(last May) 240  (yesterday) 214
Walking in the early morning before the sun appears has paid off!
Definitely in the right direction.  I know I have a long way to go…but I think I
need to just keep up what I am doing and be very careful not to quit!  It would be easy to think…
This isn’t fast enough…
I will never get to the acceptable numbers….
My weight never changes….
But, instead, I will be positive and pat myself on the back
with a hand… NOT a visit to the ice cream salon!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone!


  1. Wow Excellent! I read an article today that said it was the healthy eating that really makes the difference and if you add a bit of exercise it's just bonus points. – I like the green scarf too!

  2. You go girl!! Your improved results sound pretty impressive. My dilemma is balancing work (School Psychologist) with blogging and getting the blood flowing. I like your idea of early a.m.-just get it done.
    Cheers to that,

  3. It shows that it is true what they say: just move! I hate gyms, but I have a dog. Walking him every single day, rain or shine, is sufficient and so much more fun for me than going to a gym… Congratulations to your new, healthy life style!

    I love the scarf together with the orange shirt!

  4. Yesterday I told myself I need to have some bloggers from Texas. I am a looooong ways from home and feeling homesick. I am SO GLAD I came across your blog, and congrats on the great test result!

  5. Pam! That is wonderful!!! After many years of working in the diet and fitness industry, there are a few things that I feel like I KNOW….and one of them is that whatever we do to lose the weight, we have to do at least that to KEEP the weight off. So killing ourselves and wearing ourselves out at the gym is great, but unless we can keep that up as a lifestyle; those changes won't last. I'm with you. I've been walking and am now trying to incorporate some strength building. I figure what my body does when I eat healthy and do moderate exercise regularly is where my body is supposed to be. KUDOS to you! And bonus? YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! Hugs my friend! ~Serene

  6. Great news! This is the route I started down last Feb/March. I know what you mean about progress seeming to be so slow, but it is constant! And in the long run I've hopefully made lifelong changes to a lifestyle of healthy eating & walking. I have no "finish date", no "weight goal", just a healthier lifestyle. And the best news is that I'm perfectly happy eating this way! Stay the course!

  7. Good for you Pam! i know it is hard! I stopped smoking at the end of may and still not smoking, i did not gain a pound – I lost instead – i am watching what i eat – I do yoga, moderate exercices and walk everywhere – I feel 10 times better –

    Keep up the good work Pam

    Ariane xxx

  8. You're doing great!
    It's hard to plod away and wait to see results. But you did it.

    I hope it makes passing up that display of sugary things in the break room a little easier.

  9. Well done on your results and very well done on your wise and well balanced attitude! Keep up the great work!


  10. Congratulations!! The long slow path is truly the best because it means your habits have changed. I truly believe a "diet" doesn't work because it seems that it is something that is done until the weight is lost then we slowly go back to what we did before. You are truly on the road to success.
    Love your outfit!! That scarf is such a pretty addition to it.

  11. Yay! You are turning things around, and doing it the right way. Gradual behavior modification and better habits are always better than crash diets or crazy exercise routines that don't last.

    Also, I really like looking at your scarf. I think it's relaxing and lowering my blood pressure 🙂

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