“Seams” Like Magic!

Years ago, when I was more overweight than I currently am, I wore nothing but oversized clothing….thinking it made me look thinner.

It took many episodes of WHAT NOT TO WEAR to convince me that wearing clothes designed to fit my body was the way to look thinner…not hiding myself under tents.  Stacy and Clinton also taught be about the power of well placed seams in jackets and vests.  

Seams can be magic when they create fit around a woman’s body and stop the boxy, oversized look.  Feeling OO, La, La is better any day that feeling frumpy.

I think I actually squealed in Marshalls when I found this Coldwater Creek vest for $14.  The seams are perfect and do exactly what they should.  It is a great look for our first autumn-weather weekend in SA.  

My closet purge went very well.  Some items have been donated (and I had to force myself to pry my fingers off a couple of them); some retired till spring; and the rest are hung and organized.  I found  all my boots and put the flip flops away!  It is so gratifying to have it done and over with.
Now, go check out the beautiful ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!! And have a great Monday yourself!



  1. Wonderful new vest for Fall/Winter, Pam, and great with the silky scarf. Congrats on getting your closet organization done! And thanks as always for joining in with Visible Monday.

  2. Pam, I have been away from blogging for a few weeks and have missed all of your recent posts. So, on this cool, cloudy, Fall Sunday afternoon, I spent some time catching up with you. Have to say I love all of your outfits and your mixing and matching expertise. Congrats on that special grandbaby to be. Now that I am back home and somewhat settled down, I will need to revamp my closets also. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great week.

  3. So true about seams and the direction adding or subtracting inches by a simple trick of the eye! Both the vest and the colour red are very flattering on you!

  4. I did not know this about the seam placement. You look lovely as always. So pretty and put together.
    I went through a phase of hiding myself in big skirts and feeling a bit bohemian for a couple of years or so and am now feeling more comfortable in pants. I'm aiming for a more classic look like yours. Even though I'm still overweight I've come to realize some of the big clothing pieces I was wearing were really just making me look even bigger.

  5. What a great vest! Good tip about seams, too. As a plus-sized women, myself, with several flaws I am less than thrilled about, I totally understand the temptation to hide.

  6. I agree with you Pam. I never thought there are seams and lines that makes a woman look slender ( I used slender..thin for me is like skeleton hehe). As I always watch TLC What not to wear I started to look for clothing from what they are talking about and I did find it. Now that I also lose a bit of weight I am more confident of myself and I can experiment new trend of clothing from my own point of view. Thanks to fashion bloggers too who for me are the true fashionista/models in the real world not the thin looking girls who walk on the runway. ^_^ Like your outfit and that vest I am looking at the website you highlighted here! Thanks for the visit!


  7. Pam, what a great looking outfit. A fitted red vest is a great topper that can elevate an outfit to fabulous.

    I did not know that Marshalls sold Coldwater Creek items. The store that opened here is a bit of a disappointment. The TJ Maxx stores are larger and more different items. The one thing Marshalls does have is an excellent selection of shoes.

  8. Great outfit! Red looks great on you! Following you now!

    Please follow me back if you like my style!

  9. You look lovely in red too – and the seams really make a huge difference!

    The oversize trick is apparently common world wide – I've been there too! I can't believe I couldn't see it myself. It took the original British What Not To Wear duo, Trinny and Susannah, to open my eyes.

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