Years ago, when I was more overweight than I currently am, I wore nothing but oversized clothing….thinking it made me look thinner.

It took many episodes of WHAT NOT TO WEAR to convince me that wearing clothes designed to fit my body was the way to look thinner…not hiding myself under tents.  Stacy and Clinton also taught be about the power of well placed seams in jackets and vests.  

Seams can be magic when they create fit around a woman’s body and stop the boxy, oversized look.  Feeling OO, La, La is better any day that feeling frumpy.

I think I actually squealed in Marshalls when I found this Coldwater Creek vest for $14.  The seams are perfect and do exactly what they should.  It is a great look for our first autumn-weather weekend in SA.  

My closet purge went very well.  Some items have been donated (and I had to force myself to pry my fingers off a couple of them); some retired till spring; and the rest are hung and organized.  I found  all my boots and put the flip flops away!  It is so gratifying to have it done and over with.
Now, go check out the beautiful ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!! And have a great Monday yourself!

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