What Would You Do?

LOVE At First Sight….that’s what I immediately felt when I saw these shoes in GARMENT EXCHANGE, my favorite consignment shop, this summer.
But, I have struggled since then with styling.  I think they would go best with leggings and a flowy tunic….but I cannot wear that to work.  Here is what I did…but honestly, these pants are a little big right now (good problem) and between that and this duster, I look bigger than I am…so I don’t want that!

 I am seeking your ideas.  How would you wear the shoes?  Or do you think they are casual or house shoes only?  I really love them…they are quality made and were nine dollars.

Your thoughts?

And have a fabulous autumn Saturday!


  1. Like you I often fall in love with the craziest cute things, and then have no idea how to wear them. I think they would be nice with Capri pants, or a skirt, or any outfit where you'd wear flats. I'd keep the rest of the outfit simple so the shoes really stand out, but mostly I'd just wear them!

  2. First…..DO NOT EVER WEAR CLOTHES THAT ARE TOO BIG AND FLOWY!!! Those pants have either got to be altered or given away. Now for those shoes…..Be careful about wearing too much black with the shoes or you will have the bumblebee effect. For me these are going-out shoes, not work shoes….lunch with the girls on Saturday, brunch on Sunday or I'm having Friday night drinks with friends. Wear them with slim capris or ankle pants, nothing longer and not black, try a dark burgundy or navy. Dark slim-legged denim rolled with a cuff. A white tunic belted blouse with three-quartered length sleeves. No scarf, you don't want too much going on at the top and bottom, finish with a gold cuff. Remember you are the star and the shoes are the fashionista touch.

  3. I'm in the tights and skirt camp: both black, with a white blouse to lighten things up. Gold jewelry, but keep it simple.

  4. The pants-maybe the entire outfit from casual Friday. Problem is width of pants. Deep six.

  5. Sorry not to be more positive but the two general themes here, that the pants need to be banished and that with black tights you risk looking like a bumble-bee are right-on.

    I think these shoes are spring/summer shoes and should be held back for wearing with a flowery skirt or dress and nude stockings or bare legs.

  6. Thanks to everyone…do not worry about negative comments on this one…I asked for it! I appreciate your advice and hearing that I need to ditch the pants because they are too baggy…just makes me smile!!! Thanks to all of you!!

  7. They are ADORABLE!! I would wear them with a black skirt, white blouse, black/white jacket with a yellow scarf and yellow bangles. I would wear nude ot off black hose (nothing too heavy or dark.

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