39 Shopping Days…..

For some of you the headline evoked excitement for others depression and for others stress….

Despite results on November 6, the economy is till in shambles and many without work. (is anyone else upset over the loss of Twinkies??)  Goodwill and thrift shops to the rescue…not with Twinkies..but with holiday answers.

From vintage to modern decorations, dishes, and clothing, I saw a little of everything to help prepare for the holidays with budget-friendly fun.
Don’t despair…the joy of this time of year is in the faces of family and friends…and maybe a little thrift assistance!

Have an amazing Saturday, everyone!!  (Lifetime has started Christmas movies…yes, I am a sap!)


  1. I am enjoying the Christmas shopping at thrift shops. I am fortunate to have two Goodwill stores very near me that carry many pieces by fabulous designers.

  2. I just bought 2 beautiful mini dresses (to wear as tops) for 70% off with another discount on top of that bringing the grand total for these $90 dresses to $15 each. This was at a department store. I am on a limited budget and this was my "splurge"…Point of story…Department stores do NOT want clothes left after the holidays and have started having some great sales now!

  3. Twinkees – a hedge fund takes the company into bankruptcy to break the worker's union, counting on the fact that the brand will be resurrected again.

    I'm sorry, but will never eat another Hostess product again.

    My first holiday activity is to make sure that my friends/family know that it's the thought that counts, not the gift.

  4. My sister is a thrift shop diva and has converted me. It is like a treasure hunt. The Goodwill stores do merchandise to their market so if you want more upscale or in my case petites, they can direct you to the stores in a big metro area. Maybe a Hostess store along the way?

  5. I agree with RoseAG: the thought counts more than the gift. That's a notion we have lost in our society of comsumption. Sad!
    xo from Florida – wher we do have lots of great consignment shops too…
    Anne (Playing With Scarves)

  6. DARLING PAM!!!! YES, I just heard yesterday about the demise of HOSTESS!!! WE GREW UP WITH THIS INSTITUTION!

    Oh dear, I chose the wrong time to become an artist. Yesterday was my first art show and I sold only three items in seven hours. People drooled over my things but who can afford it?


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