Great sitcom material…such is my life!  You have to admit there is great humor in the
fact a mild-mannered-high-school-teacher-mom-about-to-be-grandma in South Texas
is a fashion/beauty blogger!  But, here
is where I find myself…yes, still having a great time… 
The biggest drawback is when I am invited to blog about and attend fashion events…WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR? You can see from my day to day looks
that I am best described as WEARABLE.  It
takes a great deal more courage for this 59-year-old to cross over into
wearable/more fashionable territory. 
Courage is the operative word…I read so many blogs of fabulous women of
a certain age who look amazing and are far more fashionable and courageous than
I.  Somehow, I am still learning to marry
the two…
The table symbolizes the fact that I would be courageous in
this look…I am certain for some of you that a cape over a pencil skirt takes no
courage…but this is a bit more out there for me.  However, I am sure I will wear this soon to a
fashion event.    I feel great in it and
fashionable …so off of the table I would go into the world!!  Actually, the table belongs to my daughter
and son-in-law and I think I will save that story for later…it’s one that will
make you go AHHHHH.
Scarf: Chicos
Cape: Stein Mart
Red Pencil: Lane Bryant
Spanx Tights: Nordstom
Liz Claiborne Booties: Marshalls
This afternoon I attended a BLOGGING 101 seminar with the
some of the fashionable ladies from the San Antonio Fashion and Beauty Bloggers group.  It was fun to see them and share
ideas.  The truly fashionable ones at the
event were the models…some of which I pictured here…they were meeting with
local stylist and blogger JENNA Hollerbach.  I wore
jeans to this event…will save the red pencil for another day!
SAFFB Founder, Sarah Adams of LIVING GOLDIE
Let me know what you would wear as a blogger to a fashion
event, and then visit the ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE and !CREATIVE MONDAY!!  Oh, yes, have an incredible Monday!

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