Black Friday with Dots!

I hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving experienced many blessings and great food!

I do not plan to do a lot of Black Friday shopping.  In the past, I have been known to go out just for the fun of it!  But, this year, I may be more low key.  However, the ladies at Dots did invite me over to see their brand new location at Terrell Plaza in San Antonio.

It’s a beautiful store with the sweetest manager and employees ready to serve their customers with huge smiles.

If you love to follow trends, and do not have a big budget…then Dots just might have the answers!!  I saw many current trends in the store for all sizes and all ages.

Here’s a great way to stretch the dollars and avoid the crowds at the mall.  Christmas budget shopping abounds!  Thank you ladies for a  great time…I love the earrings I purchased while there!

Does anyone else have big shopping plans for Friday or Saturday?  Whatever you do, I hope it is a special time!

Also, make sure you register to win a skirt HERE


  1. I think it is the perfect day to think about the shopping crazyness. Do we really need more, more, more of everything? It is Not-Buying-Day in the US and I think this is a much better way to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving and the upcoming christmas season alive than going to the malls and increase the landfills and debts.

    And with regard to fashion: The best dressed women I know have only a small wardrobe with great cloths. They do not have huge walk-in closets with tons of cloths.

    Just a thought….

  2. I can't deal with the crowds either, so I'm buying a few things online and lounging with my husband and kitties. But I do wish we had this store nearby – I would check it out in January! : >

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