Win A Skirt While I Run Errands!

Beginning now until January, life is one big errand to
run.  Try as I may, I never remember
everything at the grocery or buy every gift early.  This year, I not only have holiday errands,
but also wedding errands!
I really like to look my best, but comfort is
everything.  Comfortable shoes and not
too many layers will keep me out of the house longer.  I still love to wear leggings, but they are
tricky….if I do not style them just right, they are….well…let’s just say
But, this year, the founders of the Lettuce Stitch Skirts came to my rescue when they sent me a sample of their work.  This fun, knit skirt goes perfectly over
tights and leggings!  I know I will love
it this spring and summer as well.  This
sample is the reversible skirt and they sent the perfect one to a journalism
teacher…there is newspaper print on the other side!!  How much fun is that!  Plus, they want one of you to win a skirt….so, if you are a follower of my blog, and you want to be entered, leave me a comment below!  I will select a winner at Random from my Rafflecopter on November 29!  (Someone said the Rafflecopter is not working…never fear if you leave a comment below, I will consider you entered and just draw names from a hat as I have in the past)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Breaking News Reversible Skirt
I still believe salespeople give you better service when you
look your best…I know they should give the same service to all, but that often
is not reality.  So, I always try to look
my best when out and about!
Make sure you check out these fun skirts, enter to win one, and have a joyful


  1. Now you are too cute in this outfit! And I have to agree with you…comfort is everthing when you are running errands! This contest ends one day before my 50 something birthday too!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. The lining on this skirt is adorable. Would love to win a skirt to wear with leggings. I am also liking that scarf your wearing.

  3. Wonderful outfit – lots of energy. Love the reversible skirt and such cute flats! Finding animal print flats in my size has been very difficult but I'm still determined to do it. Great blog – I enjoy seeing how you put together outfits and the beautiful jewelry.

  4. Count me in Pam. The skirt is the perfect length with leggings. A wedding on top of the holidays does sound a bit overwhelming, but I'm sure that you will look great in the midst of your many errands (as you do today).

  5. Just love this skirt, it looks so casual & comfy to wear, & can you believe it, but I have the same blingy leggings which I'm actually wearing as I'm just off to my Pilate class. So I'd just love to win it.
    Enjoy your thanksgiving Barbara Lilian

  6. This is the way I dress all the time now! I wear a black skirt with black leggings so I'm covered warmth wise and modesty wise, and I wear boots so it looks like I'm wearing tights instead of leggings.

  7. I finally got around to looking at their site, so I definitely want my comment entered! The skirts are so graceful, but fun.

    I agree that you get better service if you look the part. Dressing for success can refer to shopping, too, right?

  8. Just started following you! And just in time! 🙂 I find. what you have to say to be so true! And love the sparkly leggings! And fun skirt! I may have to look up the company before I go to bed! 🙂

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