Beginning now until January, life is one big errand to
run.  Try as I may, I never remember
everything at the grocery or buy every gift early.  This year, I not only have holiday errands,
but also wedding errands!
I really like to look my best, but comfort is
everything.  Comfortable shoes and not
too many layers will keep me out of the house longer.  I still love to wear leggings, but they are
tricky….if I do not style them just right, they are….well…let’s just say
But, this year, the founders of the Lettuce Stitch Skirts came to my rescue when they sent me a sample of their work.  This fun, knit skirt goes perfectly over
tights and leggings!  I know I will love
it this spring and summer as well.  This
sample is the reversible skirt and they sent the perfect one to a journalism
teacher…there is newspaper print on the other side!!  How much fun is that!  Plus, they want one of you to win a skirt….so, if you are a follower of my blog, and you want to be entered, leave me a comment below!  I will select a winner at Random from my Rafflecopter on November 29!  (Someone said the Rafflecopter is not working…never fear if you leave a comment below, I will consider you entered and just draw names from a hat as I have in the past)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Breaking News Reversible Skirt
I still believe salespeople give you better service when you
look your best…I know they should give the same service to all, but that often
is not reality.  So, I always try to look
my best when out and about!
Make sure you check out these fun skirts, enter to win one, and have a joyful

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