Brooches, Brogues, Blacks and Browns

I have just returned from another attempt to find an outfit
for my son’s wedding….the search goes on, and on, and on….
Thinking of participating in Une Femme’s blogger link up to
celebrate our brooches, is much more fun!! 
Make sure on Wednesday you visit her site to see everyone’s favorite
I choose to use my brooches to add a feminine touch to a
menswear look.  Actually, the menswear
style is all about the shoes from   Several retailers from England have
contacted me lately to help promote their wares….side note…I love getting mail
from England.  It is stamped ROYAL MAIL…don’t
you think that the U.S. Postal Service would have a better image if it had a
great name to place on packages like ROYAL MAIL.  I have no suggestions…it was just a thought.
Hotter sent me these great shoes, with classic brogue details, to wear with my menswear styles and they are honestly the most
comfortable shoes I have put on my feet in a long time.  I’m a little surprised at how much I like them (not usually my style), but I really do and they look great with jeans.  Check out all of their
fun styles HERE…and if you want to order and save 30%, then call toll free 1-866-378-7811, and use offer code USARAF.  This is good on your first order….just tell them you heard it here!!
Back to today’s look… I chose the brooches and a silky Jones of
NY brown blouse to feminize the style…the pinstripes are one of those pair of
pants in my closet which are getting a little loose for me (Yeah!).  I need to put them on every now and then when
I feel like everything is too tight for me!! 
Final thought today is that I
love wearing black and brown together…I think it is my favorite color combo!  The large brooch was purchased about eight years ago at a boutique in the trendy neighborhood of Alamo Heights, and the smaller one was my mother’s…she had two of them and I always liked how petite they are!
Now visit Une Femme…and then make sure you put your name in to
win a cute knit skirt HERE!  I have
another great giveaway coming up the first week in December!  
Have a wonderful Wednesday all!


  1. I love your menswear look and I'm also a big fan of black and brown together! Today I found the animal print scarf I've been looking for with lots of black, brown and a bit of beige… perfect for pulling the two colours together, I think.

  2. Love your outfit, nicely put together with the 2 brooch's. & your English style brogues are super with the wide leg trousers, & I'm sure will look just as great or even better with your lovely slim leg jeans that you wear.

  3. Pam, the wide leg trousers look fabulous – and your brooches are real beauties. You always look so happy and ready for the day!

  4. I love the combination of the large brooch with the smaller brooch. I must try that some time! It's a great outfit, mixing the menswear look with a feminine touch. Living in Spain and being a petite size can be tricky, so I often order clothes from England in petite ranges that I know. Interestingly, El Corte Ingles stocks Jones of New York petite range, so I will look at their blouses the next time I go to Murcia city!

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