Christmas!! Really???

I just cannot believe that Kohls is playing Christmas carols and Black Friday commercials are running…where did autumn go??

It’s time to start making lists…and check them twice…you know
lists for gifts…lists for Thanksgiving meals…lists for cards or special remembrances…lists, lists,lists!  I have to admit when I heard “Here Comes Santa Claus” entering the doors of Kohls today…I got a little stressed!!

Any ideas for a new Thanksgiving treat…what are some of the fun ways you celebrate??  

Have a stress-free Saturday!!!  I will try to!

Purple top and Bracelet: Kohls
Orange Scarf: Marshalls
Green denim: Lane Bryant
Brown flats: Old Navy


  1. I dont know if you would consider this as a treat, but it has been a "combat" Thanksgiving treat for me for several years. Over here, our dining facilites (DFAC's) go nutz for Thanksgiving. They make delicious meals and the decorations are over the top. (Will be glad to send you photos) But every once in a while a girl wants to cook something for herself. Hear me out! No I am not ungrateful that the Army cooks for me! I guess you can call it "nesting"? So this is what me and some friends have done a few times. Canned ham. Air mailed to our APO from either WalMar dot com or grocer dot net. Whichever is loving the military at the moment. We put it on a plate, slather it with strawperry preserves and bake it. In Iraq we used an oven in a house in Kurdistan, the autonomous (safe) zone where we had an office. Here in Afghanistan, we actually have a kitchen. But extremely limited ways of getting ingredients to cook. So when you bake the strawberry jam on the canned ham, it makes a crust. Mixed with the ham juices, it is delicious. Ok ok ok ok…it is just ok but when you say "I did it myslef"! for the first time in 6 months and you eat it with others who are stuck here for the hollidays. It is delicious.

    1. Sarah, this does sound good no matter the circumstances. Thank you so much for serving our country and for all that you do. You are an amazing woman. Please share with us often what you have learned in Afghanistan…I love hearing from you!

  2. Things do go so fast in Spain, and there isn´t any Cristmas atmosphere until well into December.
    Loving that burt orange, and the clash of colours.
    Have a grand weekend, dear Pam.

  3. Pam, I really wish they wouldn't start all the christmas stuff so soon…..I want to enjoy the season and when it lasts 3 months, it's a bit overkill! Onthecity other hand, you look GORGEOUS! I just love how you mix colors!!! Hugs my friend! Serene

  4. Hi Pam,
    Love your outfit today. We all need color as the days get continually shorter and greyer. BEautiful bracelet too – I will have to look for that

  5. I really wait for Christmas to come this year and bring a bit of magic to all of us.As for the weather it was short sleeves here until Thursday.Today it's winter.Isn't it crazy?

  6. Hi Pam:-)
    I am with you. Winter, Christmas carols already??? In Florida, it's even more strange as we feel like being in summer all year round.
    Your orange scarf is gorgeous! Is it an infinity one?
    On my Christmas list: scarves … as usual (scarf addicted forever). Working on preparing gifts too. For my girl friends who live here and who love scarves too: I will offer a scarf …….+ my scarf CD in which they can learn my fifty tying methods. These friends have encouraged me to create the CD. Time to pay back!
    Have a lovely Sunday,
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)

  7. We were in a CVS and my husband remarked that they still had Halloween stuff out. I said, well they probably haven't got the Christmas stuff yet. They're behind because everybody else has theirs out.

    When I was a Sunday school teacher I used to make word searches with Bible words for the 3rd graders to complete. Third graders like that kind of stuff. This year I'm going to find that Internet site and make a Christmas "letter" for our family in the word search format. I think it'll take that sappy tone that letters always have out.

    1. What a pretty outfit! Fun, casual and such a pop of color with that orange scarf.
      Have been checking in lately as I approach 52cd birthday was feeling a tad bit frumpy. Have enjoyed your posts. I can relate to todays post especially having visited Disney with my family this last week and had Christmas decorations and music already. While I enjoyed their creativity, I too felt twinge of not being ready for this.
      Our family tradition is outside lights go up Thanksgiving afternoon – kind of a way to help the meal digest. Then decorating begins in earnest the next few days.
      Will admit I found inspiration in many of Disney's creative displays.
      Looking forward to more of your stylish and for me still doable outfits. Don't find I have much in common with what I find in most fashion resources. Thanks : )

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