“This nation will remain the land of the free, as long as it
is the home of the brave.”  Elmer Davis
I cherish each one of you who reads this blog, and I
recognize that many are from other countries. 
For a few minutes each day, we lay down our differences and nationalities
and become simply women… women, who love to style and enjoy fashion from
runways to our own closets.
I hope you will understand today, when I take a moment to
honor our military….men and women who display great courage as they volunteer
to serve this country.  I just want to
say THANK YOU!  You are forever in my
heart and prayers.  I have former
students in dangerous places I think about every day, and readers of this blog
who serve a world away!  You are amazing
and I so respect you.  Military women are inspiring for many reasons.
When I walked out in today’s outfit, my funny
photographer/husband said, “Are you honoring the Beatles?”  Maybe it does have a Sgt. Pepper aesthetic,
but I chose it out of the closet because of its military-inspiration. It looked better last year when I was thinner…SIGH…the
battle continues. 
However, I would like to call your attention to the
scarf.  My father wore this scarf as a
young man in the Air Force during WWII…this was the airmen’s scarf. His was nylon, not silk, which were possibly reserved for the pilots or officers. He was part of a crew assigned to one of the planes nicknamed “The Widowmaker.”  I believe
one still flies with the Confederate Air Force. 
After service and coming home from a gunshot injury, my father would
struggle with nightmares until his death from a heart attack in his seventies.   Unless we are family, we so often forget what
scars remain from service.  These
incredible men and women pay such a high price.
So, today (Veteran’s Day), I just must say THANK YOU, for your sacrifices.
I hope everyone else has a wonderful Monday and enjoys the


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