When you feel the need to whine about all that is going on
around you, just remember, we are women…wired differently…able to multi-task by
birthright…unfortunate for men, the poor dears, they just are not designed to
handle doing several different jobs all at once!  (OK, be gentle in the comments)

My life as a peaceful empty-nester officially was paused
about a month back when my pregnant daughter and her husband moved in with us
for a while.  They are transitioning from
life in Saipan to life in Texas and living with the in-laws just makes
financial sense for the moment.   I have
returned to daily household tasks which had eased up a bit when it was just the
two of us.  But, I am not complaining…it
is a true joy to have them here.

I BELIEVE I can do this…in a great silk jacket and blouse from

It is what lies ahead through December which gives me pause…but
I know I can see it through.  School goes
longer this year before we break, so in between teaching high school I will

Appear on TV with Goodwill
Celebrate my 28th wedding anniversary
Cover two major blog events
Take everything out of the master bath and closets for trim and ceiling painting
Take everything out of the master bedroom for trim painting
and carpeting
Complete Christmas shopping, wrap Christmas shopping
Meet my monthly freelance writing deadline (includes
conducting interviews)

help my daughter compile a list for baby showers
Attend my son’s college graduation
Welcome my youngest son home to also live with us for a semester
(more laundry!)
Attend my husband’s company Christmas party
Welcome my oldest son to live at home while awaiting
marriage (that’s now six living in the house)
Serve a Christmas meal for seven
Hostess a rehearsal dinner…for fifty
Attend my son’s wedding
( Whew,some how writing it all down helps!)

This is all surrounded by meals, house cleaning (there is no
maid, I am the maid…sometimes my husband is the maid), laundry, blogging, email, exercise, errands, pets, etc.
etc.   How can I do this?  I am woman…uniquely made to do MORE, and I know there are some of you who have even more than I do on your plates.  Hear us ROAR….or watch us FAINT!  (A sense of humor at times like this is critical!!)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!  For local readers, watch me Saturday morning at 7:30 AM on KENS 5 Morning News with Goodwill!  I pulled looks for holiday parties at Goodwill this evening…it was so much fun!  

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