I joined Goodwill SA Marketing Manager, Melissa Mireles, this morning for an appearance on the Saturday morning news!

Isn’t Melissa cute…she looks so great after having her second child this past October!

Melissa brought some great DIY ideas from Pinterest using items found at Goodwill SA.  I discussed dressing for holiday parties and evenings out with items from Goodwill at Bitters and Hwy. 281.

I love doing these appearances with Goodwill…it is always fun!

This time I got to watch one of the chefs from the Emily Morgan Hotel prepare a segment on the high Christmas tea events they have planned around the fireplace in their amazing lobby….complete with crumpets and teas that bloom!

And this woman of a certain age looked lovely as she was interviewed.

If you are looking for party attire in the San Antonio area, make sure you stop by a Goodwill location.  And may everyone have a fabulous weekend!!

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