The Rack At The Back!

For a few brief moments….cool breezes are blowing in San
Antonio.  I cannot really call 55 degrees
cold…but cool, for sure.  Since our time
of cold is a very short window, it is difficult to justify spending big bucks
on cold weather clothes…especially cashmere…even as wonderful as it is.
Jacket:  Goodwill
Liz Claiborne Boots: Marshalls
The white cashmere sweater I am wearing here was (believe it
or not) one of my July birthday presents from Gigi.  We found it for $5 at the back of a
consignment shop on a “last chance” clearance rack.  The cashmere scarf was at a thrift shop for
$1.99!! Brand new, tags still on.
Both have the wonderful soft feel of cashmere….all the
luxury…without the price tag.  I highly
recommend that you look for that rack at the back of consignment shops.  I know to some it communicates….NO ONE WANTS
…but you just never know what little treasure you
might find there.  It is worth taking the
Have a warm, wonderful Tuesday!


  1. I absolutely love the scarf and living here in Alberta where it's seriously cold already, I'm really quite envious!

    I head straight for the sales racks at the back of just about any clothing store. You never know what you'll find there. I hardly ever pay full price even for brand new clothes but second hand and consignment stores are definitely the best!

  2. same here…with summer year round, i can't get myself to spend money on warm sweaters and coats. so i try to find deals on those things, too! $5, though?! what a steal!


  3. I love shopping the back racks of the thrift stores! That's where I find many unwanted items to refashion into something fun for very little investment. Now I just need more time to sew everything. Thanks for all of your great posts! I read them but don't find the time to comment often! Love all your stuff!
    The Renegade Seamstress

  4. Last year I found the most wonderful cashmere sweater at a consignment store. It zipped up the front and the collar was studded with rhinestones. It was fabulous, but the holidays were long over and I couldn't see storing it until the winter. It was $50, not exactly cheap. I wish I had bought it though.
    I can't wear wool as it makes me itch. Acrylic is gross and cotton not warm enough. Cashmere is perfect but oh the prices!

  5. OHHH those $5 deals are the best.. and for cashmere too!! good find Pam!!! I love finding great deals like this, its the thrill of the chase 🙂
    xo J

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