Gently Flapping In the Breeze….Shouldn’t Be My Arms!

Most often waving is a sweet, friendly gesture, unless it is
your under arms waving uncontrollably!! When I began my serious (serious for me anyway) walking regime
last May, I decided to add at least five minutes a day of work with small
weights (2-5 lbs.).   I have to say I am pleasantly
surprised at how much better they look! 
I think if I keep this up, I will be back to wearing sleeveless tops by
summer!!  Most often, I work with them in
the mornings while I watch the news …then out for a brisk morning walk.  Dedication to the task is important and it
does make a difference…I can also lift heavy objects again!! Look out Rocky!
Here I come!  If you want some information to help you know where to begin, then read this Prevention Magazine article HERE. The hand weights are not expensive…often a couple of dollars per weight.
My new English Brogues FROM Hotter Shoes
Does anyone else practice some type of weight training
during your week?
This is another fabulous Talbot’s jacket I found
at Goodwill!!
 Now, here is my favorite look of Gigi’s from this past week…modeling a great cardigan from Chico’s!
Have a joyful Saturday, all!!


  1. My orthopedist says that some light weight work will help build muscle and muscle burns more calories. Women of a certain age can't lose weight without building muscle.

  2. I have been lifting free weights 3 times a week throughout the winter months for many years. Nagging injuries, first shoulders & then my left knee, kept me from lifting much weight the past two winters & I've had to cut out the leg lifts entirely but I'm happy to say that my upper body strength is returning! My legs are in pretty good shape due to lots of walking & some hiking during the summer months. I'm trying to keep them that way by spending time on the treadmill 2 or 3 times a week right now as our Canadian winter isn't always conducive to walking outdoors. This may sound like I"m some sort of jock but that couldn't be further from the truth! As a young person, I was totally non-athletic but in my late 30s, I decided that I wanted to get in shape by the time I was 40. Now I'm 60 & still pumping iron!

  3. That's a great find on the Talbot's jacket…. and it's right in fashion this winter… I've seen that exact jacket by other makers and almost purchased one. Looks great!

  4. love your blazer with the white trim
    arms are soooo noticeable in the summer, the small hand weight thing is a good solution
    have a great weekend

  5. Oh, those damn flappy arms! When I walked I took the weights with me. Not walking right now so I do a few sets of lifting per day. Who knows maybe one day we will rival Michelle O's.

  6. I just went back to the gym–doing Zumba–can't believe I put on 15lbs since menopause!!!! Not weight training right now but dream of a day when the sleeveless will not give me fear…

  7. I started working with a trainer on weights, last summer, simply because my back issues meant I no longer trusted myself to do it alone! (And I could no longer handle the badass Body Pump classes that I attended a few years back). I was getting good results, but my recent health setbacks have put the weights on hold, though I'm pretty sure I can start again if I go slowly. Thanks for the link! And good luck. I think weights are very important for overall health, not to mention making us feel a little more comfortable baring arms.

  8. I've done weights since 1998, when I actually get to the gym. That's my biggest problem. I do have two 8 lb free weights at home but I usually forget about them. I think that you're right – dedication to a routine is key.
    Did you know that they call that flab under the arms "Hello Helens" ? I read that recently and thought it was so funny!

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