Most often waving is a sweet, friendly gesture, unless it is
your under arms waving uncontrollably!! When I began my serious (serious for me anyway) walking regime
last May, I decided to add at least five minutes a day of work with small
weights (2-5 lbs.).   I have to say I am pleasantly
surprised at how much better they look! 
I think if I keep this up, I will be back to wearing sleeveless tops by
summer!!  Most often, I work with them in
the mornings while I watch the news …then out for a brisk morning walk.  Dedication to the task is important and it
does make a difference…I can also lift heavy objects again!! Look out Rocky!
Here I come!  If you want some information to help you know where to begin, then read this Prevention Magazine article HERE. The hand weights are not expensive…often a couple of dollars per weight.
My new English Brogues FROM Hotter Shoes
Does anyone else practice some type of weight training
during your week?
This is another fabulous Talbot’s jacket I found
at Goodwill!!
 Now, here is my favorite look of Gigi’s from this past week…modeling a great cardigan from Chico’s!
Have a joyful Saturday, all!!

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