When Chaos Rules.. Make Certain You Are…

Yesterday, I walked you through my home…decorated with great
care for Christmas and all decor was perfect until this happened:

My sweet husband scheduled a painting and carpeting makeover
of our master bedroom and bath right in the middle of Christmas, weddings,
babies, and such.  I know I am going to
love it when we get to the end, but for at least another week, I am dressing
for work out of the pile of clothes in the living room. One thing I have noticed with age is that my flexibility has gone out the window.  I really like status quo in my schedule…unexpected change does not fair well at first.  It is the longest I have postponed exercise since last May,
but I am not really sure where my shoes are…I lost my undergarments a couple of
days ago (poor planning)….SIGH…under construction is my life! 

How do I face it…as always, to find a bright side.  When I was dragging my clothes like dead
bodies from the closet to the living room, I actually discovered some treasures
I forgot I owned.  The scarf above was a morsel
found in a consignment shop a couple of years ago…and it fell on the floor
about the same time as the pile arrived with the yellow cardigan in it (pictured below).  Presto Chango!!…an outfit not worn before by
me.  Now, my goal is for the next seven
mornings to look for items I have not worn in a while.  I will force my attitude to go from grumbling
to creating. 
It’s all in the focus, girls.  When all around you is chaos, find a focal
point which brings joy and peace.  It can
be done!

 If all goes well this weekend, I
will have some new and interesting posts for you next week…also, I hear a
significant cold front is on the way to my city….YES!  I so hope it happens on Sunday night as
planned… However, I am just not sure which pile has coats at the bottom!
Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. We are about to undergo a master bathroom renovation in one week, and I am seriously stressing about it. Having to give up my bathroom for 4 weeks is freaking me out, especially at this time of year. That yellow color looks stunning on you and I love the pattern in the scarf.

  2. Well, I see what you meant about chaos upcoming, Pam : > It's so like you to focus on the positive – like this gorgeous scarf that just appeared at the right time.

  3. I can relate. Chaos and construction brings out the forgotten pieces that haven't had an outing for a long time. The yellow cardigan and gorgeous scarf would brighten anyone's day!

  4. Pam, I love the sunshiny yellow cardigan; it's so bright and happy.
    I agree with you totally about being less flexible as I get older; I like structure and an organized space.

    Every time I begin writing a big paper, I have to clean the house first! If things aren't in their place, I'm so distracted that I can't concentrate on writing!

  5. Well, Pam, you are just too nice, if you ask me. I would kill him for causing such chaos.

    Or maybe throttle him with that scarf…

    You have indeed pulled a triumphrant (?spelling) outfit out of disaster and all power to you and to your sweet patience.

    Your home looked lovely yesterday and I know that it will do again.

    1. Hey, your comments did not upset me at all. What he is doing is sweet…but I admit, the timing is difficult…but my response to Sharon had nothing to do with your comment. Thank you for your support and please keep reading and joining in the discussion.

  6. Love when you find a forgotten item and it gets a new life. You will love the room when it's redone, just so hard to live under those conditions -especially this time of year!!! Pretty in yellow. xoxo

    1. I agree, Sharon, that he deserves kudos. He is doing everything he can to help us keep our home for the remainder of our lives. I really am attempting not to let all of the chaos right now get to me!! Thanks for reading and commenting….

    2. My apologies if my comments caused upset. I'm not from these parts, so perhaps my words got lost in translation.

      I do wish you both well during the renovations

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