Colored Denim and Leggings…Bring Them On!

This is the best time of life…time to have some fun.  I am so glad to discover that I am not the
only woman in my fifties who feels this way. 
I have met some exciting women on the blogs and running businesses (Like
Marilyn from this POST), but I also have found they are all around me, in my
own city.
Saturday night, I went to a friend’s baby shower and all of
the women there in between 50-80 were so vibrant and youthful.  There was great fashion ….mostly tunics with leggings
along with joking and memories.  One
great grandma at age 73 donned the cutest outfit of the evening with her
leggings and precious hair bow.  She was
amazing!  One established and runs her own business and another is principal of an elementary school.  They were intelligent, invigorating, and joyful.
Chico’s Jacket and Black Blouse: Goodwill
Lane Bryant Colored Skinny Jean
These were women I could easily engage in a serious snowball
fight!!  Maybe the years are ticking by,
but I do not feel it and I see the same twinkle in the eyes of many women
around me.  When the fashion world tells
us that it is not appropriate to wear leggings or colored denim, I say wear if
you want.  It looks great on women no
matter the age.  I am happy to wear my
red denim today, and I just ordered some emerald green from Talbot’s…looking
forward to receiving that pair soon.
Red Bangle Bracelet: InPink Jewelry
Belt: Stein Mart
So, enjoy your week…no matter the struggles, we can still
find reasons to laugh.
Black, Studded Flats: Brand New, $1.99  Goodwill!!
  Now, please stop
by the strong, fun women of Visible Monday!! and  MONDAY MINGLE!!


  1. Lovely jacket and a great combination with the jeans! And you are exactly right, why should we dress frumpy just because we're not young? My grandmother would have looked so cute in leggings and a tunic (she was tiny), but she always wore old lady house dresses. I'm glad our generation is rewriting the rules!

  2. Good for you, and plenty of us support your view! Time for women to be glamorous, sexy and up with fashion even after they reach that 'certain age!' – hopefully that will be an age we never blow candles out for. Plenty of us want to buck the old system and dress to impress, forgetting all about the date on our birth certificate…J

  3. Well, I want to be like you and the other ladies you met – keep that twinkle in my eye and stylish clothes on my bod 🙂 x

  4. I really like those red pants on you.
    And I agree – we shouldn't let our age dictate what we feel we can or can't wear. As long as I am not offending anyone, I will wear what I want. Even if that means wearing distressed boyfriend jeans at 45!

    I love older women. Several of my closest and dearest friends are 15 to 20 years older than I am. I have so much to learn from them.

  5. Nice outfit! I love the way you paired your jacket and your pants.nice blet too.
    I have a very similar denim which I enjoy pairing with navy blue or taupe.
    About aging: we all know that a 50 year old woman is physically and mentally like a 30-40 year old woman some 50 years ago. It gives up hope for the future and the opportunity to make lots of plans for the future! Great!!!!!!
    I am just in it: lots of projects for 2013 and age will not be an issue for sure. Have a lovely week and thanks for this energizing post 🙂
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  6. I couldn't agree with you more. You look lovely. I like the colored denim and when I find a pair that fits right I am going to snap them up.

  7. Wow, you look amazing! I agree that we should wear red, pink, green, yellow, purple…all the colors of the rainbow. I cannot imagine my Grandmother in leggings and a tunic or my Mother for that matter. I hope to be wearing whatever suits my fancy as I get older. In our youth boomers changed the world and I guess we are just not done changing it yet.

  8. Pam, You look great!I love your red jeans and of course love color!!
    Sing, swing, throw snowballs! One is never to old!


    2013 Artists Series

  9. I did an entire week's worth of outfits last week with my red-orange skinny jeans. I had so much fun finding different ways to style them. I posted a poll for votes on favorites…I am definitely going to join a red hat society when I get to the available age… We women get better with age and should have as much fun as possible!

  10. I love my leggings – I have purple, gold, navy – not to mention black and denim. I am 52 and I will never let age dictate my wardrobe as long as I feel good about myself.

  11. Your jacket is great, I love the pattern! And I love your red braclet, it's so unique. You look amazing. I agree with you the 50th are a wonderful time!

  12. You are looking fab in the red pants
    I don't really remember you wearing colored bottoms before, you need to incorporate it much more often.

  13. You're right!
    I have met such a woman today, full of life, funny, 86 she was,
    Enjoying life!
    I had a lovely day with my daughter, this is all i need to be happy!

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