When I first began blogging over two years ago, one of the
first people I met was Marilyn Caskey, owner of a local resale boutique, The Garment Exchange.  Marilyn and I
connected at once, mainly through our love of fashion and retail.  Since then, we have done a couple of events
together and love to chat about ideas to improve our endeavors (her store and
my blog).
Marilyn Caskey – Owner of The Garment Exchange
Marilyn is a single parent supporting two children with her
business and she needs it to succeed. 
She has always impressed me and though each day is a struggle, I believe
there are four main reasons why she is still around and hopefully, will be
around for a long time:
      Perseverance – She is determined to make her
resale business work.  Last year, she was
challenged with major freeway construction all around her making it more
difficult for customers to come to her location.  This highway project was long term and
affected many small businesses in the area…some did not make it.  So, Marilyn worked hard to develop her EBAY
sales and between the two she ended the year with a twenty per cent increase….not
want she wanted, but she wasn’t in the hole either.
      Teachable – Marilyn is very teachable and
willing to learn.  In fact, a local
Google seminar resulted in an increase in business.  Now Google is going to bring her to
Washington D.C. for an all- expenses paid trip to a small business seminar
designed to help her succeed as an entrepreneur.
     Realistic – She is realistic about the economy
and her family needs, so she is very careful with her finances and not idealistic about the fact that this might not provide for them in the long run.  But, she will give it her best efforts to
keep the store alive.

     Personable – Finally, Marilyn believes in the
old fashioned ideas of service with a smile. 
She is a huge part of her business connecting personally with customers
and doing what it takes to make them happy to return.
If you are ever in San Antonio or shop EBAY regularly, then
please check out her businesses and give her support.  She is making women of a certain age proud
with her small business success to date. 
I always find something in her shop that I love. 
I know it is cliche, but Marilyn has bloomed where she is planted and
inspires me to do the same!
Happy Saturday, everyone!!

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