From My Heart….

Wedding bells have rung….fireworks are quiet…clouds are hanging over this sleepy day…but I just had to take a moment to say a deep, heartfelt thank you to new friends, new readers, and all of the blessings around me which have birthed from this blog. May we have fun together…rejoice together…and grow together in 2013!  I am so thankful for each one of you!!


  1. Dear Pam. Thank you for stopping by chez French Girl in Seattle today. I wish you a wonderful start to the new year and will be looking forward to more stories from you. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Dearest Pam! I just took a fantastic nap and woke up to find you had visited! I wish you my dear, a wonderful new year and YES, find a goal, find what you need to do to get there and take each day as a step TOWARD your dream. I know you can do it! AND the blogging community as you know, is a great place to find the right friends to at least spark that encouragement and even sometimes help to get you there!

    MUCH LOVE to you my dear, Anita

  3. Blessings to your family, Pam, throughout this new year. I only began reading blogs last spring as I looked for information about packing for an Ireland trip and for insight on style for women of a certain age. Then I discovered your wonderful blog. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with breast cancer,and I began to use the blogs I had found to divert myself from what was happening around me. I spent many peaceful hours "talking" to other women through the blogs. I can't tell you how all of these women, including you, filled my hours and helped me through those difficult days. I now look forward daily to connecting with these wonderful, intelligent people. And I have learned so much! Thanks to all and looking forward to a healthy, happy 2013.

  4. My dear this post brought tears…. Gratitude right back at you! I couldn't agree more what a blessing our blogging community is! Wishing all the best in the coming year! Thanks for doing what you do… and sharing your heart!

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