The word “holiday” implies rest…taking a holiday from work,
life, the world, whatever
.  But, I have
been on holiday from work for eleven days and I feel like I need to go back
just to get some rest.  Life has been a
spinning tornado since early December….pulsing with adult children moving to
new houses, one getting married,  one in
last trimester of pregnancy, one returning from overseas, and multiple levels
of stress as I learn new roles and new boundaries.
2013 begins as a keynote year for our family…we now have two
married children; our first grandchild on the way; our youngest turns 21; and I
will turn the big six-zero!!   With all
this in mind, I really have pondered deeply my New Year’s resolutions.  Since becoming a blogger two and half years
ago, I have taken my resolutions quite seriously.  Today, I would like to share with you some
personal resolutions and tomorrow, I will share resolutions for the blog!!
Of course, all of this resolving is going on around some of
my personal photographs from our wedding this past weekend.  I should have better ones to share when the
professional pics  are passed along to
us, but I like to find a few moments the professional photographer may not have
seen.  So, here we go:
I wore this fabulous silver jacket from Soft Surroundings with a deep purple
Chicos Travelers Tank and a black silk pencil skirt.  The wedding colors were
eggplant and slate…it was a gorgeous wedding.
For 2013, I resolve to:
      * Be A
Currently my race to better health is a
slow and steady one, but I try to remember that the turtle won the race.  I would like to speed up the pace a bit with
healthier eating habits and more exercise.
     * Be A Peacemaker
I hope to be someone who brings people together
with love, acceptance, and encouragement.
      *Live in Balance
When I live in the balance and avoid
extremes, I am a more joyful person. 
Also, the balance enables me to easily live with focus on just one day
at a time.
      * Be the best grandmother and mother-in-law
…which means I give up control and live in forgiveness and grace.
      * Stretch my boundaries…this will require courage,
diligence, and focus (more about this later)
      *Have fun! 
Lots of smiling, laughter, and enjoying the life I have been gifted with.
Gigi wore this gorgeous skirt from Soft Surroundings!
The bridesmaid dresses were from David’s Bridal Vera Wang Collection collection!
The gorgeous Mother of the Bride wore a slate sheath dress from Stein Mart, with a
Betsy Johnson wrap, and a necklace from Premiere Jewelry

I also want to make a unique, irresistible hot dog…but you will have to
come back later to find out what that means!!
In 2013, may we all DANCE!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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