Just 15 Minutes….All To Myself!

Things are steadily beginning to slow down after weeks of chaos.  My daughter and her husband lived with us for a couple of months after moving back from Saipan.  Now, they are in their own home preparing for the birth of their son.

We joined our son and his new wife, plus the in-laws, for lunch today at one of San Antonio’s best Mexican restaurants, Pappasitos Cantina.
They are on their way to another city to make a new home together and begin new jobs.

The last eight weeks have been a whirlwind of changes and learning to adjust to changes.  But, hopefully, there will be two days of peace before I return to work on Monday.  Peace…sounds so nice.

What’s your favorite way to have “quiet” time?  Is it fireside reading?  Is it Frank Sinatra and a glass of wine?  Is it a tub filled with sweet smells of bath soaps? 

Is it early morning coffee with candles and no sounds at all?
Or maybe it is movie night with all phones turned off?
Tell us, what is your favorite way to experience a few moments of blissful, uninterrupted PEACE?

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!

Outfit information:
Lauren Blouse – Marshalls
Brown Denim – Lane Bryant
Boots – Ross
Orange Coat – Designed by Jana Kos, no longer selling her designs
Leather Gloves – Stein Mart
Purse – Macy’s  (two years ago)


  1. Oh Pam! I love all those ways! But I'm typing this from my bed at 8am on a Saturday morning, where I'm laying snuggled up with my iPad and my sweet husband has brought me coffee. He's sitting in a chair by the side of the bed reading on his iPad. Together here in the quiet morning……for me, it's just hard to beat that! Hugs to you my sweet friend!! Serene

  2. Ditto, that food looks yummy! And I love your orange coat on you!

    The idea of early morning coffee with candles is lovely – I never would have thought of it. If it's not raining, I do like taking my coffee outside for a few steps around the yard (ours is tiny), but I try to appreciate calm whenever it shows up.

  3. Love that purse!! Love it! I adore your new picture setting. Thanks for the updates on your family..so much excitement, you are a marvel. Now that your life has calmed down, I hope you will start posting your wonderful outfit posts again in the over 45 group. THEY NEED your inspiration!

  4. Yes, take a deep breath! Life happens, doesn't it?! You look beautiful and the dinner must have been divine. Your post reminded me of a book I read to my children when they were young, entitled Five Minutes Peace. It's hard to get sometimes, even when the children are grown. I'm with Patti, though. It's that first cup of tea in the morning, along with a brief daily-guide type of reading. After that I can jump into the whirlwind and hopefully keep my balance.

    Have a glorious weekend!!

  5. Your post is so timely for me – my son is leaving tomorrow to return to school at University of Arizona after a semester at home attending a junior college. As much as I will (and I will!) miss him, I am so looking forward to a peaceful and CLEAN house! I know I will get so much done around here and on my blog when it's just me here for most of the day. Enjoy your calm and serene space.

  6. I'm sure it's a little sad with your daughter moving out, it was nice for you to have that time together.
    It's great that they're on their feet and able to establish their own home before baby arrives. I feel bad for young people who're trapped in this sluggish economy and can't move on with their lives in the way that you or I might have when we were their age.

  7. As you know I have had months of "me" time. It was very hard at the beginning since I was used to running in 10 directions at once. Daily my favorite time is in early in the morning with a cup of coffee and quiet. The big favorite is waking up at our cabin. I have a little song I sing there about waking up in my cloud bed in a a tree house! And, yes I sing as bad as the words I made up.
    Have a blissful weekend.

  8. I know what you mean about peace and quiet after the holidays! I love that time in the morning with my coffee just staring out the window, watching the birds, squirrels and sun on the mountain. I'll be in San Antonio this spring and will check out this restaurant. Looks yummy!
    x Laura

  9. Happy new year! I love the blouse so much for its equestrian theme.I usually take time relaxing with a book or a stack of magazines or evenrecently crocheting.As you can gather I have no problem relaxing.I have the opposite problem …to get motivated and put my act together.But I'm getting better.

  10. I always get up one hour before anybody in order to get in touch with myself, do a bit of meditation, and prepare with calm for the day.
    My daughters have just left too, so we are slowly going back to normal.

  11. What a lovely post, and I hope you get some real quiet time this weekend! (Quiet time is sooooo rare, even in "Empty Nest," that I'll take it any way I can, any time I can, in any amount I can.)

    An hour to read? Without interruptions?

    Heaven, but rare rare rare.

    I love those boots by the way, and especially the fact that you got them at Ross. Two of my most FAVE pairs of boots came from Ross. Gorgeous, high quality, comfortable, and a price that makes me swoon with delight…

    Hmmm. Now that I think of it, 30 minutes to wander DSW or Ross (the shoe aisles) is lovely quiet time!

  12. Hi Pam,
    I hear you so well. We have had company from France for almost three weeks + children back from college. EXHAUSTING!
    So good to have a relaxing time reading blogs, comments, chatting with you and other bloggers we all appreciate.
    Good luck for your return to work! And enjoy the very last moments you will have with your children. You will miss them even though like many mothers you need a break.
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  13. Early morning coffee with candles? WOW. That is a fantastic image, a wonderful idea. You've been looking fantastic over here! I'm glad there is calm returning to your life. Whew.

  14. I find peace in the early mornings, when everyone else is asleep. I talk to God and I contemplate the world. Ahhh…

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