Things are steadily beginning to slow down after weeks of chaos.  My daughter and her husband lived with us for a couple of months after moving back from Saipan.  Now, they are in their own home preparing for the birth of their son.

We joined our son and his new wife, plus the in-laws, for lunch today at one of San Antonio’s best Mexican restaurants, Pappasitos Cantina.
They are on their way to another city to make a new home together and begin new jobs.

The last eight weeks have been a whirlwind of changes and learning to adjust to changes.  But, hopefully, there will be two days of peace before I return to work on Monday.  Peace…sounds so nice.

What’s your favorite way to have “quiet” time?  Is it fireside reading?  Is it Frank Sinatra and a glass of wine?  Is it a tub filled with sweet smells of bath soaps? 

Is it early morning coffee with candles and no sounds at all?
Or maybe it is movie night with all phones turned off?
Tell us, what is your favorite way to experience a few moments of blissful, uninterrupted PEACE?

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!

Outfit information:
Lauren Blouse – Marshalls
Brown Denim – Lane Bryant
Boots – Ross
Orange Coat – Designed by Jana Kos, no longer selling her designs
Leather Gloves – Stein Mart
Purse – Macy’s  (two years ago)

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